[SERVICE] The Lost Player Locators

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  1. Have you ever been stranded in the middle of the waste or wild, and needed someone to help you find your way home, or perhaps only to bring you something from town?

    I know I have.:p

    Well, the LPL is here to help! We are purely volunteers, and will help people who need it for FREE! We are currently looking for volunteers to help us. Let us know when you need a hand!

    Current Members:
    • fighter_Ethan
    • DreamyFeather
    • wafflecoffee
    • Yixomua
    • BennyLikesBagels
    Comment below to join!
  2. Count me in :)
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  3. If you are willing to be a delivery service, then I would expect there would be a delivery fee.
    After all, that isn't the same as a rescue service.

    Willing to help with some basic supplies for rescue operations/replacements when I am in game.
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  4. Well, it's a rescue operation and a free delivery operation, so there is no charge and volunteers can spend their own money to get things done. That said, I'll keep that in mind, Katy. Thanks!
  5. I'd be down to be a volunteer :)
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  6. I'll volunteer
  7. Would love the help when I can!