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  1. Ok so on my old acc Bedfordfamily (which, by the way, is active again - the name has been changed so when the code updates it will be GrimAutriliax) I did heaps of pixel art. I've decided to get back into it.

    So, I won't lie - I actually suck at pixel art BUT I use a program that pixelizes a pic and also gives me choice of block and the amount used. It is called Woolify and the download link is really hard to find - unfortunately I don't have the link anymore.

    Here are some examples of my past work (using this program)

    If you would like to get a pixel art for wherever, either comment below or PM me. I will need a pic to work from - or I need to know what you want - and I want to know what materials you want. I will only gather wool, otherwise it is up to you to get the materials you need. I suck with prices, we can sort that out between us depending on size, materials, and how complicated the piece is.

    I will do player statues - I'm thinking maybe around 5-10k depending on skin.

    Sometimes I will be busy irl and have trouble finding time to play. I know this all sounds very vague, but if you want a piece just say and details are not hard to sort out.

    Questions? Did I leave something out? Comment below <3
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  2. If you went up to an experienced pixel artist and said how you get your pixel art, he'd get angry. I've personally thrown hours of my life into pixel art and most of it isn't even stuff I've kept. You should get more practice with pixel art so you can be more credible and original with your business.

    Anyway, good luck.
  3. No need to get angry over people for using tools which help them out. Especially because programs like these are all over the place. Woolify is outdated, but there's also SpriteCraft or the Minecraft Structure Planner, seems those are even being actively maintained.
  4. I'm not saying I'm personally mad about it, which I'm not, but I just feel like it's "cheating" to use a program instead of doing it yourself.