[Service] Omar's Cheap XP and Mending Repair

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm selling experience for rupees. This XP is not in the form of XP bottles, but the way you, as a customer, get the XP is by standing next to a contraption that collects the XP from villager trading and gives it to you. This way of getting XP is highly effective and you can get to level 30 in less than 5 minutes. If you would like to buy xp, please fill out this form {Link for Form} The form does require you to fill out a time. If there are overlaps, then I will prioritize the orders in chronological order of when they were requested.
    The pricing of the orders is as follows:

    For those of you needing mending items to be repaired, fill out {This} form and I will set up an access chest for you at ./v 833@mirp for you to drop off your items after which I will repair them and let message you on forums letting you know they are ready to be picked up.

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  2. Hm not a bad idea may try it sometime :)
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  3. I'll try it. I'll need it for 1.9.
  4. the prices are a little high.... I might be able to make my own farm for less than that

    edit: Thanks for changing the prices! thry are much better and more sutable for newer players
  5. Price reduced! 1.5r per xp orb needed for each level.
  6. question: How do you know how many orbs are released by the villager?
  7. So let's say I wanted to get to 1000 XP Levels and I'm at 50. How much would that cost?
  8. For Katie: The villager gives 3-11. However, when it is willing to breed (which it has a chance to, when someone is trading with it) it gives 8-11 meaning that you get more levels faster. I can get you to level 30 in less than 5 minutes. (As it says in the OP)

    For Sean: 1000000000 mil! JK, I can't do that big of an order...
  9. I will be honest, I was super skeptical about it at first, however this was an awesome service, I got over 150 levels in under 10 minutes, and my order turned out to be HUGE! I would recommend this to anyone who needs XP for cheap and fast!
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  10. I might have to check this out omar ;) Oh if only I had such a reliable source of xp... :3
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  11. Thanks so much for the recommendation Sean!

    I look forward to it Matt :)

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  12. Bump! I'm reopening this service and adding mending repairing to it as well!
  13. Bump! That was so funny of me. I just realized there is no IGN question in the first form! I'm putting that in now :p