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  1. Originally starting as a service I only did for friends, I now publicly offer NoteBlock songs! Some are small enough to fit on a Normal Residence, but most are very complex and require a Utopia Residence. The songs will be split into two groups, one being normal residences, and the other Utopia residences. Please note that due to time limits, I will only accept a maximum of 5 jobs so I don't have too much on my plate. One build can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a week. Due to only 5 slots being available, you can only request one build at a time. This means if you are already on the list for a build, you cannot request another. Costs are determined this way: N*5 + R*2 , N being NoteBlocks and R being repeaters. You can also choose to add a minecart track for 500r.

    Normal Residences
    1. Tetris A Theme 8460r
    2. Nyan Cat Loop 741r
    3. Super Mario Bros 3 Athletic 4057r
    Utopia Residence
    1. None yet, Sorry
    Current Wait List

    1. _FB_ Super Mario Bros 3 Athletic
    2. None
    3. None
    4. None
    5. None
  2. Great service :)
    I have a song file from Minecraft Note Block Studio, and I wanted it either on my main res or my utopia one. It is a little over 1 minute long, with 1467 noteblocks and 361x4 (?) noteblocks (59 x 47 x 16 in size). How much would it cost me, and how long would it take to build it? Also, do you provide the materials?

    EDIT: just saw your price formula. It'd be 10,223r then?
  3. How much vertical space do you need to construct Tetris A Theme (w/minecart track)? I would want to dig out the space for it under my second res.
  4. The song itself would take up about 10 blocks of vertical space but I do need room to work so I'd say it'd be about 15 blocks tall. Sorry if that is too much for you.
  5. That is the program I use! You probably noticed these are just the default songs :p I will be adding some of my own soon. Would cost about what you said, would take 3-5 days, and yes I provide the materials.
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  6. I will work on clearing out the the space at 16611 then i will get back to you and firm up the order.
  7. Alright thanks!
  8. How much would it be if the buyer supplies the items needed?
  9. Great, so you've got your first costumer :)
    I'm gonna clear the area (roughly 60 x 50 x 21 so you have room to work with) and I'll message you when everything's done!
  10. 1r per noteblock I have to tune.
  11. can we suggest a song that has a tutorial but we are just to lazy to build it ourselves
  12. Yea, I agree. I have built a lot of noteblock songs but really big ones get me stressed out and I'm a little lazy XD
  13. ya i love to make them and i really want to hire someone to make the full fnaf freddy theme from the first game as music for my arena that and the nyan cat theme
  14. Possibly, but not this moment. I would need to go through and count all the noteblocks and repeaters.
  15. ok i this i can get that
  16. I'll take a super Mario bros 3 one. Paid and gave perms on 11463
  17. On it.
  18. Ill need you to be online to help me find a place.