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  1. Hello and i am starting a service that i can build you a house! I will NOT BUILD ANYTHING ELSE

    prices and jobs:
    Job 1: i can build you a one floor house with windows and walls (7,500r)
    Job 2: i can build you a two floor house with windows and walls (12,000r)
    Job 3: i can build you a three floor house with windows and walls (20,000r)
    Add-on 1: i can fully do your inside house (3,000r)
    Add-on 2: i can do redstone work (5,000r)
    I supply wood and glass (add 1,000r)
    You supply wood and glass (prices stays the same)
    order in thread or in a pm thanks!
    DISCOUNTS now available now: New player discount -50 days sense joining the empire (get house 5,000r)
    Vote discount voter discount anyone with a vote streak with +120 (gets 2,000r off total order)

    people waiting for a house

    pervious work:

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. pictures of previous work?
  3. Can we have some pictures? Also, what are the dimensions of the house?
  4. You decide what you want and how big (sorry for crummy pics)
  5. Those are actually cool pictures... did you use some shaders or just take a picture or the screen?
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  6. the rooms lighting
  7. You should do models of each house, Then post screenshots of each model so people can chose and see what each house looks like, Or maybe on your plot make the models and people can chose which one they want :p Awesome service so far though! <'3
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  8. That house is located on 14156 on smp7 by the way! :D
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  9. Please answer these questions:

    If you were to supply yourself and the customer didn't want to supply you, do you build the homes out of the same materials?

    What different kinds of styles of builds are you experienced in or decent at? (Japanese, medieval, etc.)

    What sort of roof styles could you do? Can you add screenshots of different roofs you're experienced in?

    Can you add some different houses and put if they're small, medium, or large?

    Are all of the jobs you do different (by what you think would look good), personally customizable, or all the same?

    Is "matching" blocks together one of your skills? (For example, acacia wood combined with sandstone can either make the acacia wood look darker or lighter. For example of this: Acacia as the walls and sandstone roof can make the wood appear darker, where as if you switched it, it would look "brighter." Another example would be matching planks with logs, floor patterns, etc.)
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  10. and how long each build takes?
  11. I will build the homes to what they ask for
    Post vintage premodern beach homes
    Im more experienced in stairs
    S,M,L are the job numbers 1 tends to be smaller 2 a bit bigger and so on
    The buyer can decide what they want but I'd prefer that its wood houses ;)
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  12. I can build some in a day some in a week depends I'd think the average would be 3 days
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  14. Update discounts added!
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  15. The roofs are made out of stairs so old?
  16. I edited the message, click the link. And also, I didn't mean that. There's just different way of placing the stairs to create various styles.
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  17. Now i get it :p
  18. BTW- your prices seem insane. Since you mainly do planks, wouldn't you be benefitting about 4,000r, almost? Considering the prices of planks and stone brick (or stone)? Most new players won't even have 5k, or even want to pay that much for a house.

    Where did you come up with these prices?
  19. I think Mansions might be worth 20k, but maybe not three floor house.
  20. Now i feel like closing down :( anyone think i should?