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  1. Where?
    I usually mine in the east oupost in the wastes on smp1 but I can mine wherever you choose

    How much will it cost me?
    1,750 rupees

    Average pulls:
    About 18 stacks of cobble (540r) Common
    2 1/2 stacks of coal (335r) Common
    Almost 4 stacks of redstone (560r) Common
    More than half a stack of iron ore (130r) Common
    16ish gold ore (160ish) Common
    2 stacks of gravel (300r) Common
    3 Diamonds (210r) Rare
    24 blue dye (120r) Uncommon
    Flint (FREE ;D)

    Expenses (price justification):
    Diamond pick

    Upon my inventory being full I will return to town and put the pulls in a chest that you have access to. However I will keep the mob drops because it is not apart of the mining experience. If I die while mining and the items cannot be returned I will mine again until my inventory is full or, if you prefer, I can just repay you. I mine in a straight 2x2x2 line then come back and mine ores until there is none visable. 200r can be taken out of the price if you supply me with the pick you want me to use but does not insure i will replace it if i die or if it breaks. 50r can be taken out of the price if you supply a stack of torches and the ones i do not use will be returned to you with the delivery of the pulls from mining.

    The only guarantee is that you will receive one SC full of whatever I get from mining! Whether I get all diamonds or I get all cobblestone is impossible to know, but whatever I mine, you will receive in a full SC.

    How to order:
    PM me in game
    Send me a message on empireminecraft.com
    Pay me the 1,750r and I will fill the order out when I can and set an access sign up either at 1201 or 1784

    Thank You!
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  2. Can you lower your price
    or make it like
    Every 10 stacks of items is 250
    SC = 600
    DC = 1250
  3. I'll lower it to 1,250r for the SC. The items you get from mining are easy to re-sell due to the demand for them.
  4. Just a pointer, if you take a craft table with you you can make blocks of coal, redstone and blue, that saves a lot of inventory space
  5. I once thought about doing this, until I realized all of the complicated stuff you've pointed out would be a factor.
    In my opinion, I would only charge via time, plus say like a % share on the total value of all of the materials you mined. Say like you value each SC of cobble at a certain price and then say that you get like 1k worth of minerals on an average pull, so then you could charge like 20% of the whole value of everything you mined + a certain rate per hour. You could get a lot of rupees that way, since it's a tad simpler.
  6. I'm pretty sure the idea is to make the inventory full of raw materials :)
  7. The diamonds seems a tee bit overpriced. Look at the diamond markets
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  8. I've thought of that too but I decided against it because there's no time stamp on in game pm's (that I know of..) so someone could say I only mined for 20 minutes when I said I'd mine for 1 hour. But that was a good idea.
  9. Most malls only have diamonds over 70r in stock. (due to xHaro_Der and me >:D)
  10. Try setting your minecraft launcher to always open, then I believe something around development console will give you timestamps maybe
  11. Out of curiosity, I normally do this stuff myself, as I'm very fast at it. But I could use the help:

    How much to mine a 100 x 100 area from level 65 to level 5 (bedrock)?

    I would supply a haste beacon 2, and if you don't have them, eff V picks. Probably just silk touch ones to pull everything as ores/stone. You'd probably have to remove lava, or mine it as obsidian.
    I'm not particular about whether I keep the blocks or not, I just want them removed.

    EDIT: This area is close to wild spawn, and seems most diamonds are gone (due to xray abuse in the area).
  12. PM me an offer, which server is it on?
  13. SMP5. And I don't know what it's worth..

    That is.. I know how long a job like this would take me, but i'm pretty fast/efficient at it. And I do the job for the end result, rather than the materials from the mining.

    What I'd offer I guess is this:
    1. You keep anything you mine.
    2. You are helping build a public Farm area, and have VIP access to it all in the future. (That is. It's my build area, with your assistance, you have an ownership stake in the area, and may ask others to leave when you wish to use it).

    - 100 x 100 x 60 deep area (actually, it's a 150 x 150 total area, but lets start with 100 x 100) = 600,000 blocks less empty cave areas = 173 DC's less empty area. So it's a fairly large area.
    - Extending it out to 150 x 150 will times that by 2.25.

    It's a huge area, you may want to mine some or all of. And the resources you get would cover all expenses with some to spare. With the added benefit of access to farms/services I will build. You seem to like mining, so maybe this will suit you. :) I prefer building, so am happy to give this job to someone else. lol
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  14. I am also interested. I would like the 1750r deal.

    Or actually how much for a DC?
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  15. 2,500r for a DC. Do you have a specific place you want me to mine?
  16. A you really offering that he digs 600000 blocks for you for we
  17. Reply I would like a DC then. As long as it's in the depth of diamond and gold. Thanks!
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  18. I did the exact same thing as this... with someone else, and all I can say is you dont want to do it :p Repairing the picks will be expensive, and you have NO idea how much 600k blocks is :p
  19. 2 Utopia Reses or 4 Normal Reses LOLZ
  20. Uh 4 normal reses equals one utopia res.