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Will you participate?

Yes! 12 vote(s) 44.4%
Nah. 3 vote(s) 11.1%
Maybe... 12 vote(s) 44.4%
  1. Suspended/cancelled until further notice. Anyone who signed up will be refunded fully.

    Introducing Minecraft Mail.
    This is a service similar in concept to LootCrate, if you know what that is.

    The basic concept is:
    • You can subscribe to Minecraft Mail by posting below, you will be added to the list of subscribers.
    • Subscriptions last for 2 weeks.
    • You can cancel AT ANY TIME, and will receive a partial refund depending on how many mails you have received.
    • Each week, I will send each subscriber 8 stacks of items (if stackable!) or any combination thereof via the ingame mail system. This will be at the beginning of the week.
    • The items will be worth the cost of subscription. Don't worry.
    Items list/shipping dates for the month of April (Updated weekly ish)
    I have decided to do a few "special" mails, meaning that rather than receiving the normal mail for the week a randomly picked few will receive something better :D This could mean promos or 8 stacks of rare items. Past winners will have a slimmer chance of winning the drawing. If you would like to opt out of this, let me know.

    Current special: Golden Mail (8 stacks of gold)

    • 1 stack of Emeralds
    • 1 stack of Gold
    • 1 stack of Steak
    • 1 stack of Leather
    • 1 stack of Quartz
    • 1 stack of Melon Blocks
    • 1 stack of Gunpowder
    • 1 Efficiency 5 Enchanted Book

    Regular items:
    Pricing for a 2 week subscription: 6000r.
    Current list of subscribers:

    • ChickenButler
    • ChickenDice
    • slash14459

    Thanks! :D
  2. I think you would have to detail exactly what you are giving a player for their money.

    Or it leaves the system open for scamming.
  3. Exactly.

    I'm not saying that it's something that you'll do (you're a good guy), but if they let you do this, then it leave holes open in the rules, and allows the possibility that others will attempt to scam. For example, who's deciding the value of the items that you are sending them? Diamonds worth 50 rupees to someone could be worth 75 to someone else. You could also technically just mail them dirt and say that dirt is very valuable.
  4. Hmm. Could I do a plan/theme for the month revealing the 6-7 of the 8 items, and have the last 1 or 2 items be a surprise?
  5. Hmm.. that could work.

    It would kind of like be buying a subscription to a book series or something. The player knows what they are buying. And staff know the exact nature of the deal. If the buyer does not receive what they paid for, action can be taken. As long as you can confirm the player will get these exact items, and that is what they are paying for. Then say, "but wait, there's more, I will give you a secret bonus item for no extra charge" or whatever.
    This way, it's easy to enforce. the player is paying for x items. The bonus whatever doesn't matter, can be a piece of sugarcane for all we know.

    I'm not sure this is a viable business though... But give it a go.
  6. All right. I'm thinking a spoiler, so those who want to know can know, and those who like surprises don't have to.
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  7. Updated OP. I will be conducting a test of this service on Monday, March 24. If you want to participate, sign up before March 23. A list of items you will receive has been added, in a spoiler.
  8. What it you included a newsletter with the service? I Think it will add a lot more value to the mail.
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  9. You can possible list all the possible items you can receive. Have say 15 items, of which the player will receive 8 random items from that list. So they don't know exactly what they'd get.
  10. I'll participate, getting on to pay right now.
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  11. I'll volunteer for some valuable dirt :p. Will pay when I login.
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  12. I might Join I'm a weekend player so if your that person who is busy on those days, ill be glad to join!
  13. Mail can be picked up at any time. So you can get whenever you need :)
  14. I paid :)
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  15. Jajaja. Count me in! Paid desus
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  16. Signed up & Paid!
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  17. Sign me up. I have paid already.
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  18. sign me up. ill pay now
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  19. Get me on the List! Getting on to pay hehehe
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