[SERVICE] Making videos for your business or project!

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  1. Are you looking to advertise your business in a way that captures how good your business is, that pictures or text just can't do?
    Then this is the service for you!
    I will record and edit any video that you desire!
    This service is perfect for:

    Shop owners
    Perfect for upcoming shop owners that want their shop to be seen in a unique way for many upcoming customers.

    Mall owners
    Spotlight your mall that you worked hard to upkeep in a video that can explain where everything in your mall is or just how awesome it is!

    Project builders
    Have a residence dedicated to a public farm or building the most epic museum or a hotel suite? Help gain attention and professionalism for your project, which can help speed up the donation process!

    Awesome people
    Want to show the Empire what awesome Krib you have? Or maybe show off the functionality or awesome-ality your residence? You could chose whatever you want!

    To simply order a video, please fill out this form IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE:
    Upload to my YT/give you file?
    Make video public on thread?
    Video details?
    Desired video length?
    *Music must be declared royal free if you want to make it public

    Please chose one of each option for features(more may be added later):
    Quality(Charged per minute of video)
    480p Quality(500r)
    1080p Quality(999r)

    Shaders(Default is SEUS v08 Standart, can use others if wanted)
    No shaders(0r)

    Cinematic Mode

    Voice-over/Character speech-
    20 words(1k)
    50 words(1.5k)
    100+ words(2k)

    Current estimated video waiting time:
    1 day

    Current discounted deals and packages
    Project time-lapse(4k)
    Show your progression in an EMC project as you build it in an epic time-lapse!
    Includes: 5 minutes of 1080p, with or without shaders, and cinematic mode

    Show your Krib(5k)
    Show how pimped out your residence is with this "Pimp my ride" styled video!
    Includes: 5 minutes of 1080p, with or without shaders, cinematic mode, and 50 words

    Previous work and samples

    Standard video FPS is defaulted to 50fps unless specified otherwise. If you chose to have me upload it to my YT, it will be unlisted, which means that it can not be seen unless a person is given a link to it. If you chose to have me give you the raw file, it will be in a .mp4 file format and hosted on mediafire. Deadlines will cost 1500r for each day closer to the order date from the estimated finish date, no charge if I finish the video early. Cinematic mode is only compatible with MC 1.6.4, so no 1.7 blocks will be available in the video. Videos less than a minute in time will be treated as a full minute of video. All and any music in the video must be declared royalty free by the artist.

    If you have any questions, please PM me on the site.
  2. After everything that has happens today. Let's forget about it. I'm ordering this :)
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  3. What do you mean by cinematic mode? At first I thought F8, but I thought that was compatible with 1.7
  4. F8 either doesn't work anymore or was removed.
    I made a short video to demonstrate what I have to offer.

    The textures and lighting may look weird because I disabled my shaders.
    I can slow down, speed up, or change the path of the camera.
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  5. May use it later when I get some cash flowing.. Looks good. (And does it have to be in 1.6? What if we don't do cinema?)
  6. The cinematic mod isn't available for 1.7 yet, so if you want to show off a building, it can't be made out of all acacia wood. But what I could do is retexture a block and replace all of that block. If you don't want it to be cinematic, it doesn't have to be.
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  7. Good :3
  8. Ok I've replied to what you asked me to include.
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