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  1. Welcome to Lolly Icons!!!
    OPEN <=


    Lolly Icons is a frequently checked Icon making service for all your Social Media decorating needs!

    Please only PM me for a Icon or signature, don't reply on this post! Reviews and questions may be put here!
    I will be doing YouTube channel art and stuff like that when i figure out easy ways too!


    Type 1:

    (Image sized to fit for a Icon)

    Type 2:
    YouTube icon.jpg

    (Posed Minecraft Figure behind a backround of your choice)

    Type 3:

    (Drawing of your MC character, this Type may not be done so frequently and will be sized so only the head is showing.)

    To get your Icon, please do the following...

    Tell me what type of Icon you'd like and details such as Image to fit, backround, pose if your getting Type 2!

    Wait a couple of days and BOOM, it should be ready and i shoould have messaged you or something!


    Signatures are priced since they take a long time to make, so if you can afford it! Brilliant =3

    Signature making is...
    Open <===

    (if the shop itself is closed then i will not respond to signatures even if it is open here)

    Here are the prices:
    bandicam 2014-11-06 19-07-05-427.jpg
    NOTE: I am not a proffesional signature maker YET, please keep complaining down if yours isn't too good! I offer refunds but only if the signature is terrible!

    \/ Example of a signature ive made! this package is a Popular!
  2. by the way the starting package does have player model, idk why it didn't type lol
  3. That's a fancy price table!
  4. lol thanks, microsoft word power! XD
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  5. Bump =3 Accepting orders c'mon ppl!
  6. Mmm, I'll PM you the details on what I want mine to be
  7. I'm considering lol can you like pm me some designs cuz I don't know what I want haha
  8. I haven't done much, two people pmed me to do some and i only have one i've done, here is the one i done: (the sig i have now can b confusing XD it's not mine)
  9. and if you ment icon, designs their =3
  10. Bump ;-; come on people who dosen't like icons?
  11. buuuuuumpp