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  1. The Foxy Business List
    I do many things on EMC but bumping multiple threads of services I find more unattractive. So here is the list of what I do. This list will be ever changing so please keep a heads up :)

    Services dealing in game...
    Remodeling Residences [Closed For Good]

    If you want a Resident Rebuild or Remodeling project done... Click here!

    Services That deal with Outside EMC...
    Editing/Creating Skins [Under a New System]

    If you want to see my works for others click here!
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  2. Reserved means it will be used later.
  3. I am currently saving this thread for a service tab for my signature I will work on that after I am finished with giving him the details. As the title states, it will be a list of the services I do.
  4. Could you make me a skin?
  5. Do you still build stuff on residences? The threads pretty old :)
  6. For a limited time :p
  7. bump

    Remodeling service was closed

    My Editing of skins have been partly opened for a while now it truly is open!
  8. Bump

    Residence Rebuilds are Backed up but skin services still open.
  9. All services delayed to sunday of my hunting trip
  10. All services are halted

    If you have ordered a skin, your order has been canceled.

    IF you are waiting for a resident rebuild or in process of one, I will not work on it.

    This is for ShyGuy..
    Sorry about doing this but I would like to be in game more than I have been. These services take a lot out of me and ruin my fun of building/ creating something. I would like to work on my own builds and explore more of EMC has to offer.
  11. ...
  12. It's edited but it's common for me to do that to you :p
  13. >_>