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  1. Hey guys Rhino here. One thing everyone seems to want and nobody seems to have is leather. So I have decided to sell it! Here are the prices

    1 stack-448r

    (I have uped my prices as i have been getting a lot of orders and this is the only way to make me wnat to work on it, Current orders will still the price they were when they were placed however)

    Deadlines: 10r added on per stack for a deadline, 500r for a dc

    Please order using this form
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  2. How long is a DC expected to take and how soon until we may reorder?
  3. Because you would be one of my first orders, Max a week for the dc. You can order as soon as I deliver or you pickup the previous order. Keep in mind that If you continuously order it may become hard for me to keep up
  4. Is this rhinoceros hide leather? Because I'm opposed to poaching endangered species.
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  5. Dont worry its not. And just saying that is not really something to joke about. Poachers kill thousands of rhinos each year illegally. It is something I absolutely hate. Rhino horns are sometimes the only thing the poachers take. They then just leave the carcass to rot. It is truely sickening, horrible, and bad.
  6. I wasn't joking about being opposed to that =P It's really horrible. Same with hunting animals like lions and tigers just for sport.
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  7. Say a poor farmer lives near a forest where he just barely makes enough to sustain his family. A tiger comes and kills his livestock, placing him on the precipice between survival and death. To keep from any future problems of the sort, the farmer kills the tiger. Is this acceptable?
  8. I wonder where any farmers live near tigers lol, I think this is acceptable.
  9. South asian forest, primarily India and SE Asian subtropical countries, such as Laos and Myanmar, also prime grounds for elephant poaching.
  10. Keyword in my statement was the word "sport." Humans are definitely more valuable than animals, but killing endangered specials just for fun is disgusting.
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  11. Well, that happens surprisingly little, see if you can work out the chain of reason. :p
    Poachers are people too, they need income to support their families, and in countries where unemployment is rampant, poaching may be the best, if not the only choice of job.
  12. Some people would say their only method of supporting their families is robbery, or drug trafficking, or piracy. That doesn't make it any more acceptable or legal. The ends don't always justify the means.

    THIS is more what I was referring to, but poaching in general too.

    EDIT: I just realized I might have accidentally started a debate on a products and services thread. Sorry Rhino :p Netherworld if you really want to continue this you can PM me, otherwise I'll just let this thread be and send an order your way Rhino.
  13. You guys may go ahead and discuss here this is quite intresting lol
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