[Service] JonnyLong's Spongy Sponge Rental™

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  1. Want to build a guardian farm or clear out an ocean? Don't want to drop 200k on a stack of sponges you'll only use once or twice?? Rent them from JonnyLong's Spongy Sponge Rental™ today!

    Basic Cost for 1 stack: 4000r/day (discounts available for longer times)
    Security Deposit: 100k/stack (fully refundable when all sponges are returned dried)

    Currently Available: 14/17 stacks
  2. Nice idea. I'll never use it since i'm poor, but good idea.
  3. Thanks! I hope people will think of me when building guardian farms :D
  4. This kind of seems like it goes against the banking rules on here. Also, what happens if a person returns all but one sponge because they accidentally lost it? Do they lose the entire deposit or is there a percentage per sponge?
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  5. I looked over the rules already; it doesn't seem to violate them, at least to the best of my understanding.

    I don't want people to just pay the deposit and run off with them, but obviously there's nothing I can do to stop that. People will get back the deposit in proportion to how many are lost.
  6. Worst case you might just need to reword in buy sell terms if you get grief. Selling for 100k, buying back for 96k, 92k, 88k.... Etc.

    This is a good deal though. Even if you were doing solo 2 stacks for 5 days and your only out 40k... Not bad.
  7. idea: for an extra 2000r/stack you accept wet sponges back and you'll dry them?
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  8. That's a good idea actually!
  9. 2000 seems like a lot for 8 coal :/
  10. I feel like, following my interpretation of the banking rules, this might be a violation. If anything, I would use the system kevmeup suggested.
    I don't think the mods are too keen on having security deposits. A security deposit in real life is not your money, it still belongs to the person paying the deposit, but it is placed in an account that is than locked, so no one can touch the money.
    Basicaly, if they pay you the deposit, you can't be forced to pay it back , because there is no one to enforce this. That's also one of the main reasons banks aren't allowed.

    my advice: use kevmeup's idea. Only downside: people can sell sponge to you that they didn't originaly buy at your shop. That is something you will have to control, or you might be out of money very fast.
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  11. What happens if they don't return the sponges at all?
    Is there a fool proof way of tracking where your sponges are at all times?
    What happens if they *borrow* the sponges and sell them to another player?
    This is not the way to go if you want to make money, well that is what I think.
    I will stop asking questions and state my thoughts.
    • The initial deposit seems to be way too high.
    • I would pay that price if I wanted to buy a stack of sponges, but then there is the 4k per day on top of that.
    • Sure, it is a good way to get people to return the sponges, but what if they find a way to make profit?
    Over all, the JonnyLong's Spongy Sponge Rental™ is a good idea, but it is just too risky in my mind.
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  12. Don't worry, I've already talked it over with staff to make sure it's alright. The idea behind the deposit is such that if they run off with the sponges I won't lose that much money.

    The deposit is this high in order to make sure that the player is serious, and not just trying to do something shady. I want to run most of it here on the forums rather than through an in-game shop, so that things are more transparent.

    I'm sure there are people out there who will want to try and take advantage, but I feel like I'd rather have faith in our community to not try and always screw each other over. Maybe I'm just overly optimistic, but I'd rather try and trust people and possibly lose a few fake dollars than foster a feeling of distrust in the community. I think the EMC community is awesome, and I just hope this service could help out some people.

    I've already spent nearly a million rupees on sponges, so I don't really care about the money aspect. It's a game! Let's all have fun and keep this the best minecraft server online community around ! ^^
  13. Bump, the service is going! If you're interested, contact me and we can talk details!