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  1. Do you Redstone?
    Do you want to give Redstone a try?

    intel res 6046

    Do you want to make MONEY from Redstone?

    We understand the benefits of redstone. We understand the profits from redstone. Most importantly, we understand the fun of redstone. We want to help you understand too.


    Admission to study at the intel academy is 0r. ITS COMPLETELY FREE!
    Anyone can choose to either Learn to Craft redstone at the intel academy or Learn to Build.


    Before you can begin lessons in basic machine components in Learn to Build, you will Learn to Craft the items needed to build the components.
    Each section shows you how each item is crafted.
    You can even practice crafting the item and make rupees doing so!


    in Learn to Build, you are met with 8 portals all leading to examples of handy machine components.


    There is also a handy wee shop to help you on your way to mastering redstone!

    intel res 6046

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  2. Wow! This is a really neat and unique idea! I might just have to come give it a try! :D
  3. Wow, this is really cool. This could help well round more players. Some people can build or fight or survive, but can't red stone. This could solve that.
  5. Got a great idea for a machine? Already building something? Or thinking about getting rich with a sugar cane farm?

    Pop down to intel res 6046 For all your Redstone needs
  6. are you looking for custom machines or machines from youtube?
  7. Awesome project, toby, I will definitely swing by next time I'm in town! :)