[SERVICE] House Building

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  1. I Have 5 Houses That I Have Put In My Showroom In 8259 SMP4

    I Will Build These Houses For You On Your Res For A Price

    House 1:
    Cosy Cottage
    You Supply Me: 2K / 2000R
    I Supply It : 5K / 5000R

    House 2:
    Simple Ranch
    You Supply Me: 1K / 1000R
    I Supply It : 3K / 3000R

    House 3:
    Complicated Ranch
    You Supply Me: 3K / 3000R
    I Supply It : 6K / 6000R

    House 4:
    Very Complicated Ranch
    You Supply Me: 5K / 5000R
    I Supply It : 8K / 8000R

    House 5:
    2Bed Ranch
    You Supply Me: 2.5K / 2500R
    I Supply It : 5K / 5000R

    Prices Are Negotiatable

    Happy Housing ()<
  2. Could you supply some pictures?
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  3. no just houses
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  4. XD pictures of the houses
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  5. I believe he has a show room at /v 8259 on /server smp4
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  6. anyone want one
  7. thats true
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  8. dont forget to post if you want one
  9. I Am Happy To Say That There Is A New 6th House In The Showroom

    House 6:
    You Supply Me: 1K / 1000R
    I Supply It: 3K / 3000R
  10. I think a tree house needs leaves.. :p
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  11. have you seen it
  12. Ya, they all look really good.
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  13. wanna buy one
  14. Please keep bumps on non auction threads to at least 6 hours, I would suggest putting some pictures of them in the OP to attract nor customers.
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  15. Hey, over the weekend I will be on the server, can you build me a "very complicated ranch" and if you can, please put a list of materials you need in the reply to this comment, thank you!
  16. I dont really want one because of no pictures. You are making this seem VERY un-professional.

    Edit: What are are posting seems spamish :p
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  17. Ok I'll do that soon but can't now as I'm just about to sleep
  18. ? No answer?