[Service] Frontier Repair Organization

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  1. Have you or a loved one ever been the victim of a greifer? Stumbled upon an old project that’s had some wear and tear? Whatever your case the FPO is here !

    Who are we and what do we do?
    We’re a service founded by the Fairy Tail Guild, and our mission is simply to help repair any structures in the frointier with no charge at ALL. We repair anything from outposts, bases, bridges, tunnels, public utilities, etc (as of right now we don’t repair any redstone devices)

    How can you get us to come out and help repair whatever you need? Simply fill out this form,


    Banner courtesy of - EnderMagic1 <3
  2. current to do list :
    Smp3 Wild M
    secret project
  3. The area around the entrance to Jack's Stream Base on SMP1 is an unnecessary mess.

    Floating trees, leftover scaffolding (some of which
    is protected, Creeper craters, and WAY too many beds which are all protected by different players.

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  4. Will look into this ASAP, thanks for letting us know :)
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  5. I have many chest-fulls of stone and cobblestone on me right now. Where can I donate building materials to for this FPO?
  6. That would be much appreciated ! We don’t have a official area set up yet, but I can set up some chests on /v 5781 how many chests do you need?
  7. Go with twelve (12) double-chests for now.
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  8. Alrighty I’ll get on to set up chests in a lil bit
  9. I might be interested in helping with this worthy cause !!

    Contact me if i am in-game or by forum pm
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  10. I can donate a few dc's of dirt if you need it.
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  11. Chests are up! /v 5781.chests
    much appreciated birb! Chests set up for you as well ;)
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  12. I can help with redstone repairs if you ever need.
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