[Service] Enigma Co. Gathers things from the Nether for you!

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  1. Are you having a little trouble keeping your nether shop stocked up, or simply having a hard time finding a good deal on items from the belly of the fiery inferno itself? Well I dare say to you look no further for these delectable items from the land down under, I'll gather them up and briskly *deliver* them to you. Shipping is 100% personalized and free!

    These items are especially rare and can sometimes cost quite a bit. I understand. That's why I'm offering low prices for these items in bulk!

    - 1 stack = 15r - 9 stacks = 115r - DC = 666r -
    - 1 stack = 120r - 9 stacks = 950r - DC = 5400 -
    - 1 stack = 400r - 9 stacks = 3400r - DC = 19000r -
    - 1 stack = 1000r - 9 stacks = 8500r - DC = 49000r -
    - 1 stack = 140r - 9 stacks = 1100r - DC = 6400r -

    I am not currently offering a mailing service, nor will I be gathering mob drops in bulk anytime soon.
    I will inform you when the order is complete, and will also provide an estimated time in which I will complete the order. Once an order is placed, you may not cancel it after I have begun to venture into the nether. Please understand that this is currently a 2 man operation, larger orders may take time.

    Any comments, suggestions, concerns, reviews should be placed on this thread. All orders should be made via PM, which you can do here: http://empireminecraft.com/conversations/add?to=Green_Mystery

    I look forward to doing business with you :D
  2. The product list has been updated :)
  3. You're not selling quartz block anymore? :eek:
  4. I want to help
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  5. Due to a lack of foresight, I didn't realize just how much time it would take to fulfill an order of an abundance of quartz block. However I may change this as my business grows.

    Quartz in it of itself is still available to order, however.
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  6. Oh, but to keep your shop to grow, may I help go to the nether with you, etc? :)