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  1. Enigma Co. is a 'company' based on SMP1, and is based around wholesale. We sell raw or slightly processed items in bulk (per stack, 9 stacks, or a whole DC) and is operating solely within the Nether at this time. Since I started the thread, I have already received a number of orders. It is somewhat daunting for one person however. That is why I believe it would be a good step forward to hire a few DEDICATED, TRUSTWORTHY individuals to help collect product for the company.

    Right now, all positions are open. The company is set up as this:

    Operations Manager and CEO: Green_Mystery

    Quartz Miners:
    1. [open]
    Glowstone Miners:
    1. [open]
    2. [open]
    Netherrack Miners:
    1. Jake81201
    2. [open]
    (These positions are based on what we need at this time, as the company grows so will the need for more workers)
  2. There are a few things you should know before applying:
    1. Items are not provided by me. If you need a repair, or enchantment, you can let me know and I will see what I can do.
    2. Workers will be paid based on the amount of product they gather for an order. What you are paid in return is negotiable, though DC of any item will guarantee at least 50% of our price for that order. (Ex. Netherrack is 666r for a DC, so you will receive at least 333r for completing that order)
    3. I will update orders on this thread, so it is recommended that you watch this thread and pop in once in a while.
    4. I can pick up the product for you for free, provided that you have an access chest open for me.
    (This list may be amended at a later date.)

    Finally, if you wish to apply to Enigma Co. follow the guidelines below:
    [your server, res #]
    [how often you believe you will be available]
    [a little description about yourself]

    Getting paid is based on choice, you may decide to fill an order or not depending on your schedule. It's up to you, though excessively inactive employees will be removed from the list of employees above.

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns, let me know. I look forward to doing business with you :)
  3. Active orders:
    • 9 stacks of Quartz Block, 9 stacks of Glowstone
    • SC Glowstone
    • 10 DCs of Netherrack
    • 1 DC of Glowstone
    • 1 DC of Quartz Flakes
    • 1 DC of Quartz Flakes
  4. All posts updated, all help is very much appreciated.
  5. I'm doing the 10 DC's of Netherrack order. Funny how I got about a DC in 30 minutes...the only bad thing is it wears your pickaxe away :p
  6. Updated the wage for Glowstone and Quartz miners. Now they will receive up to 80% of the profit for their hard work! Check the second post for more details.

    Also, I have another order if anyone is interested in taking it on.
  7. I think I can help with this. But I currently use my own mine in Smp2, complete with a Nether fortress, so I can probably help in multiple areas. My thought is that quartz and netherrack miners should be combined into one job, and netherbrick can be added as an additional position. Do you think it would be ok if I worked for you on my native server and was paid the way both a quartz and netherrack miner would, it just makes the whole process a heck of a lot easier for me.

    Here's the app:

    Smp2, Res 3794
    Available most Sundays and most evenings
    Current shop owner at 3794, love mining, and I know what kind of materials are necessary to get a job completed.
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  8. Yes, I plan on paying members of Enigma co. based on what we need at any given time and based on how much and what they dig out. This system is a WIP, and I agree that you can mine multiple items if you'd like.
  9. So basically theres no set "positions," its just that whoever gets the order done first gets the payment for it?
  10. Would it be acceptable if glowstone was gotten from villager trading and not from gathering in the nether? I find it to be a much more efficient and much much safer method.
  11. Of course, as long as you abide by EMC rules then the method of collection is all up to you.
  12. Basically. The opening post is just a reflection of my first idea. Of course this system will become more efficient over time as it develops.

    I'll make a few updates to the layout of my post later. If you would like to become a member of Enigma, just let me know so I can set up an organized list of people who would like to help Enigma become better later on :D
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