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  1. LEt me Explain. Ive made drawing of my skin head with wording. i would like to draw more with other people's name. PM if you want to try this out. i would like to price these things but i'm not sure. For example, i would have average on top in the middle his skin head then in the bottom i would put walrus.
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  2. well im done with one thank you for the people that have taken a chance on my drawings. BUMP!
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  3. "Another One" is done but i might have to redo since its too dark
  4. BUMP!!!!
  5. Do you use stencils for the letters? If you don't, thats really impressive. :)
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  6. Wither addict i used a stncil but the others i haven't
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  7. Hm, that looks nice! Could you try mine?
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  8. i could..... PM me
  9. When will mine be done?
  10. i don't know to be \honest, its kinda hard to do 3d but ill show you what it looks like tommorrow when i have time(finals coming up :()