[Service] DLAS (Dyed Leather Armor Shop)

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  1. DLAS is a new service I have created. Some people like to wear Dyed Leather Armor, but sometimes you may not have the supplies to make it. Fear no more DLAS to the rescue.

    Colors avaible:
    Light gray
    Light blue
    (More coming soon)

    Armor avaible:
    Dyed Leather Armor
    Leather Armor
    Iron Armor
    Leather helmet- 30r
    Leather Chestplate- 48r
    Leather Leggings- 42r
    Leather boots- 24r

    Dyed Leather helmet- 32r
    Dyed Leather Chestplate- 50r
    Dyed Leather Leggings- 45r
    Dyed Leather Boots- 26r

    Iron Helmet- 10r
    Iron Chestplate- 20r
    Iron Leggings- 17r
    Iron Boots- 10

    D.L.A.S is now teaming up with SteveClasher's Black Smith service.
    So stop by his thread and check it out:

    Now Selling-
    Iron Tools
    Iron Pickaxe- 20r
    Iron Shovel- 14r
    Iron Axe- 20r
    Iron Hoe- 14r
    Iron Sword- 14r

    Enchanted Armor-
    Prices for the enchants (Enchants for Armor only)
    the more you want the cheaper they get.

    Unbreaking 3 : 2000r
    Protection 4 : 2000r
    Thorns 3 : 2000r
    Depth strider 3 : 2500r (no discounts on bulk suplies)
    Feather falling 4 : 2000r
    Aqua affinity : 1000r
    Respiration 3 : 2000r
    Lvl 1 book enchant- 100r
    (Notice: add the price of the armor you want to the cost of the enchantments)

    Method of pickup:
    Mail- you pay mail fee
    Drop off- 10r
    Pickup- free

    Order List:




    Wating list


    Here is the new Ordering system.

    Please feel free to give us feedback on what think we can improve on and what we should add to DLAS by clicking on this link vvv
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  2. Bump
    All Dyed Leather Armor prices lowered by 3r
  3. Now selling Iron Armor
    Bump btw
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  5. I would like to have a leather armor that has the colors of my head and thery rhythm of it too.
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  6. This is a nice little buisness you got going!

    I'll take a full suit of leather armor dyed with the craziest colors you can mix up.
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  7. Ok it'll be done shortly :)
  8. Order is finished. What is you method of delivery?
  9. Bump limited time offer - 75r for a set of homeade Iday themed Armor

    Edit: While supplies last
  10. I'll take a full set of Yellow dyed armour :)
    I'll pick up.
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  11. what server is this operation located on?
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  12. Smp3
    Coming right up
  13. Order is ready
  14. Updated main post.
    New items for sale.
    More news on 1st post.
  15. Iday themed armor, please. I will pick it up.
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  16. Poor cows.
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  17. Your order is ready
    163r is your total.