[Service] Conquering the wild with Railroads

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  1. So, you want a base. A hidden base. A far-away base. But... you don't want to risk your horse's life, you find sailing boring, you want to afk, and you're not much of an explorer. Face it; you need to build a railroad. But building a railroad is tiresome and boring... so come to me! Here are my prices (please read entire post if you wish to order!)...

    Railroad starting point: The further away it is, the more it's gonna cost you. Divide the number of blocks away from spawn or an outpost by three to get the price. So, if your railroad starts 18,000 blocks away from spawn, then you need to add 6,000 rupees to your total cost. It can be difficult to get from town to railroad to shift supplies!

    Materials: You can either give me the materials, or you can have me get them. We will negotiate these prices together. Materials include railroad tracks, levers, torches, mine-carts, and a bit of redstone. If you want an above-ground railroad, I will need material for a protective tunnel.

    Track length: In the Nether, every block of track costs one rupee. In the Overworld, every 1.5 blocks of track costs one rupee. Remember, the Nether is more dangerous to build in, but it allows for faster transportation. We round up when negotiating prices.

    Horse Route: If you wish to be able to take your horse on the route, then you will need to supply or pay for extra materials to either build a wider, taller tunnel or to make more tools to dig a large pathway. There will also be an additional 500 rupee fee.

    Train Stations: Train stations include smelting/crafting/enchanting/storage/sleeping areas. Each train station costs 2,000 rupees. Materials can be provided or can be paid for.

    Deadlines: It costs 1,000 rupees to have a 1 week deadline, 800 for 2, 600 for 3, and 4 and up is free.

    Number of Tracks at a time: I will handle three costumers at a time.

    Green - Totally Finished, Already Paid
    Orange - Awaiting Payment
    Yellow - In Progress
    Blue - In line
    Red - Problems with Order/Payment, I will start a conversation with you

    Current Orders:

    Thank you! I hope you choose me to build your railroads. Location of bases are strictly confidential, and I will not reveal any secrets to other costumers. Please submit orders in the following format:

    IGN: Name
    Train Station: Yes/No
    Horse Route: Yes/No
    Materials Supplied?: Yes/Some/No
    Server: Smp(1-9)

    All other information will be discussed in a private message so as not to give away any locations whatsoever. If you think that any prices are unfair, we can TRY to negotiate in a private message. Thank you. You may submit orders now, but building will not begin for another two days. Thanks again!
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  2. Reserved for possible pictures. I may also move list of orders here.
  3. Cool! Do you also make roller coasters? Im making a fun res at 13331 and i may want to add one.
  4. Oop sorry! Didn't see this. Um, I don't really make roller coasters, but I'm sure you can find some people. I do the more tedious job of digging/building pathways and laying down track. The boring stuff. :)
  5. Darn. I cant find anyone!
  6. Check out SKVLLFAC3 he made an epic roller coaster on 18902, and hash I really want to do this but I have no where to do it yet... Once I do I'll let you know
  7. are you thinking of hiring a supporter for utopia jobs because I would love to use this service if it were for Utopia....
  8. Hmmm... Sounds interesting... Is it possible to do uTopia? (Become a Supporter?)
  9. So that hidden base... will have a road leading to it?
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  10. of course :)
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  11. I will most definitely be doing this in near future.
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  12. Great idea. Do you have a business partner who could make this for a utopian outpost.
  13. I don't have supportership, as you all know, so I will immediately start looking for a business partner who could work with you Utopia people. So hopefully Utopia will be able to be handled soon. :)
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  14. IGN: gollark8
    Train Station: Yes
    Horse Route: No
    Materials Supplied?: No
    Server: Smp1
  15. Okay, I now have three orders, so until one is done other orders will need to wait for a bit. Thanks!
  16. Roller Coaster maker here! Check ./v 1984 and ./v 1778
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  17. I suggest building these in the nether, as they require 1/8 of the normal amount of rails.
  18. And several times the danger
  19. several... being about 4... 1/8... 8 times less rails... 4 < 8 = profit!