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Do you want larger options for buying?

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  1. I am starting a wood service.

    Types Of Wood:
    Dark Oak
    Acacia Sorry, not available at the moment. :(

    Prices For All Types Of Wood:
    1 Stack: 100r
    1 SC: 2700r
    1 DC: 5400r

    All orders may take up to 72 hours to fill, please be patient. Wait time also depends on order size. There is not limit to the amount you may order. Orders less than 6 stacks will be mailed after I receive the payment. Any order larger than 6 stacks will require pick-up. The access signs will be put up when I receive the payment. Please post down below if you have filled out a form.

  2. Submitted a form.


    EDIT: Can delivery be set up, I will pay a fair bit more for delivery. Do not have access to smp8 town.
  3. Sure Give Me the address and I will deliver.
  4. AmusedStew, your order is done, I am delivering now.
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  5. PenguinDJ2 your order will be ready by Wednesday, I will work on it tomorrow
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  6. submitted
  7. Submitted on an alt (need the pickup on that account). :)
  8. Cancel my order please... I'd rather save my money for glass.
  9. Ok, taking no more orders at the moment, backed up on orders.
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  10. Closing this thread.
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