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  1. Need something in bulk?
    Don't feel like taking the time?
    Or don't have the time?
    Let us do the work for you!
    We are the gals for the job!
    We are a hardworking duo, dedicated to getting the job done and take pride in our customer service.

    We will gather almost anything for you, but here are some pricing examples. Please Note: Orders must be a minimum of a DC, unless otherwise specified.

    Sandstone: 3k per DC
    Sand: 3k per DC
    Glass: 4.5k per DC
    Cobblestone: 1.5k per DC
    Smooth Stone: 2.5k per DC
    Iron: 7k per SC
    Gold: 11k per SC
    Lapis: 24k per SC
    Redstone: 3k per SC MAX Order: 2 DCs per order
    Netherrack: 1k per DC

    Wood: Varies with type.
    Quartz Flakes: 13k per SC
    Glowstone Blocks: 34k per SC
    Glowstone Dust: 11k per SC
    Gold Ingots: 11k per SC MAX Order: 2 DCs per order

    What we WON'T gather:

    These list are subject to change at any time.
    Want something not on the list? Message us and we'll work it out!

    In order to minimize confusion, please use the following format while ordering:

    Total Price:

    Thank you for your business, and we look forward to working with you soon!

    -HeIusion and kissthenerd
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  2. Item: Redstone
    Amount: 2 DCs
    Total Price: 6,000r
  3. Item: Redstone
    Amount: 2 DCs
    Total Price: 6,000 rupees.
  4. umm...whoa...wasnt expecting that lol
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  5. If you don't want to do it since it's a little big, no worries, just let me know. :)
  6. We don't mind doing it as long as you understand it might take some time :) But I'm headed out to mine for it as we speak :)
  7. Adjusted my order :p
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  8. Spoke to Sam, brought both our orders down to 2 DCs each to help you out a little. :)
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  9. Haha ok :) I will message each of you as they are ready.
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  10. Glowstone ? Or quartz ?
  11. We can probably do that by the SC
  12. Item: Smooth Stone
    Amount: 1 Double Chest
    Total Price: 2.5k

  13. How much ?
    For a sc of glow stone and a sc of quartz ?
  14. Items: DC of gold ingots (if you cannot except, I will gladly take a SC for 11k)

    Price: 22k
  15. I'm sorry! For some reason, I didn't see your post last night! We can probably do string, maybe starting out with a SC? How about 3k?

    I'll have to talk to my partner and get back to you, She's the Nether girl ;)

    Thank you all so much for your orders! We are working diligently to get them filled for you as quickly as possible :)
  16. Item: Cobblestone
    Item: Smooth Stone
    Item: Sandstone
    Item: Sand
    Item: Redstone
    Item: Glass
    Amount: 2 full double chests of each item.
    Total Price: 41,000r
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  17. Thanks Faithcaster! We'll get right to work on it :)
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  18. We could do an SC of string for 1.5k?
  19. Could you do snow or wool?
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