[Service] Building you an Auto brewer :D

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Do you like potions?

Ew no potions are horrible gapples so kewl 8 vote(s) 16.7%
Yeah of course I do! 40 vote(s) 83.3%
  1. Are you tired of brewing multiple potions without being afk? Are you tired of your redstone thingies not working? Well you came to the right place... I'll be building you an auto brewer! All you gotta do to get one is PM this and I will send you a list of the items needed for this build.
    for example
    I wunt da auto brewer pls
    What smp or utopia: smp5
    What residence: 11270
    After you have pm'd me that I will send you a list of items as I said. All ya gotta do is put a chest full of those items where you want your auto brewer I will tell you If I need more room and it's that simple!
    If you want this on smp1,smp2,smp3 etc. It will cost you all the items needed and About 18k (14k if on utopia because you can fly and it's easier with fly) anyway hope you'll enjoy your auto brewer if you use this service!
    Screenshots of the auto brewer :

    Dave your screenshots are horrible
    I know people I know
    NOTE : Do not contact me In game to build this auto brewer. you gotta pm me :)Another thing... I will not supply the resources because that will just take more time and you gotta wait more time for your auto brewer :p
  2. Thank you for Building me the Auto Brewer and for getting it done FAST!!! :)
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  3. Your welcome :D
  4. Think I'm going to order one or two of these :)
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  6. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang how big is it?

    I'll see if I can build out a room for it
  7. It's a great service, thanks Dave! Ulti, it's 12 x something...
  8. whats with the daaaaaaaaaaaaang XD its liek 12 by 18ish
  9. the original message was "daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang I want one"
  10. they changed it to 3 hours on all threads.
  11. lol "beump"
  12. How much would it cost for you to provide the materials.
  13. .... read the thingy in the bottom where it says note
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  14. I had to point this out - questions end with question marks, not periods :p
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  15. Wow! Why do I keep doing this? I have been doing this a lot lately.