[Service] Any Redstone Needs!

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  1. I am offering to build ANY Redstone contraption. This includes grinders, farms, doors, elevators, you name it I will build it. I will purchase the materials myself and simply add it to the cost, or you can purchase the materials I request.

    I also will do custom contraptions, so don't be afraid to ask even if you think that the contraption doesn't exist!

    PM me for a quote. Prices vary depending on location (town or wild) and if excavation is required.
  2. Compact 12 floor elevator that can stop at different levels?
  3. Uhh, an Aikar clock with Redstone?
  4. Just buy 50 dc of repeaters and you're good to go
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  5. @xharo_der The compactness depends on if you want a button panel on each floor or if each floor just gets an up and down button.
  6. And the aikar clock, I did some research and am still not really sure what that is.....
  7. But if you need a really long delay, I can hook you up with a super massive hopper clock
  8. Each floor should have a button on which floor you want to go to. Floors 1-12 + lobby. You can use a 20x60x255 space. Basically 20x60 and bedrock to sky limit. Measurements are not exact and could be a little more or less.
  9. An auto sugar cane farm with an item elevator to multiple chests
  10. @xharoder Send me a PM for price discussions.
  11. @flamingpotato42 Send me a PM with details and price offer.