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    AmusedStew Sand Co. is open for business!

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    Sandstone DOES have a maximum of 5DC per order.

    I will also sell by the SC, just divide the DC price in half and submit the form same way if you were ordering normally.

    Sand Vouchers may be purchased at (/v 3161) smp2. Thanks.

    All orders are expected to be picked up within 48 hours of order completion at: (/v 5044 sand)

    Fill out this form. Then post in this thread that you submitted a form.

    No longer doing vouchers for orders that take over 72 hours, just expect that your order will get done within 72. If it isnt done within 72 hours then I had something that I HAD to do.

    It is very very important, that you do not drop items on the ground when you are picking up your items, if they fall in between a chest or something I am not always on to get them for you. Items that are lost by this are your fault, and will not be refunded after 4/25/15.

    Items coming soon:
    • None at this moment

  2. name: epic0258
    amount: 2 DC
    total: 6k

    because i'm lazy :p
  3. Your order is ready to be picked up at [ /v 5044 sand ]. Please pay and pick up.
  4. payed and picked up
    thanks :)
  5. Bump on time :)
  6. Bump from in school! :)

    Glass has been added.
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  7. Bump :)
    I have glass in stock, I am working on getting some colors of glass in :)
  8. need to get some moolaa (money) and then i can get some (GREAT PRICES) :)
  9. Name: Dektirok
    DC Amount: 10 DC sand
    Total: 30,000

    (Message me in game, might be able to help with dye)
  10. Thanks for the service! The sand might fit well with my western town.
  11. I should have your order done today or tomorrow :)
    I do not need dye help, I have made a flower farm. Maybe if you have some ink? PM me on forums.

    This is a bump as well...
  12. Bump, added light blue to glass colors. I am also selling a DC of sandstone which can be bought via PM and not on this thread :)
  13. how much for a dc of light blue glass
  14. Have not decided a fair price for glass... Offer?
  15. idk xD 7k?? 8k?? no clue :p
  16. 5k :)
  17. well then i would like a DC of light blue glass plz :D
  18. Order may be picked up at /v 5044 sand.

    Please pay and pickup within 48 hours. Thanks.
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