[BUSINESS] [SERVICE] Quartzic's Character Poser/Render Service

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  1. Want your character in a specific pose or animation, no matter what it is? I can do it! Stand in an endless wheat field, or above an ocean... Dual-wield swords or jump off an edge, it doesn't matter!

    Novaskin is NEVER used, due to limitations on avatar part movements, render quality, particles, animation, and other essentials.

    In order to get info on prices, look at some examples if you're interested in a bulk order, and place an order, please PM me by clicking the link in my signature. You can also ask questions by leaving a reply. Thanks for taking a look at my Posing/Render service!
  2. Have questions? Want answers? Ask! I'll try to respond promptly.

    IRL stuff came up preventing me from using my computer to render for a while, and vacations started happening, but now my computer is cleaned and I've come back from vacation - so I'm open for business again, and this time I can fulfill your requests quicker and cleaner!