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  1. Hello, I will be running a Bulk service. In this bulk service you can order any of the items below and depending on what you order is how long it will take to get. You can order up to 2 DC’s and you may only use SC or DC to place an order. If the block you are looking for isn't on the list ask and I will see if I can supply it.

    Yours, Alarm

    Cobblestone: DC 2k SC 1k
    Stone: DC 3k SC 1.5k
    Glass: DC 6k SC 3k
    Stone Brick: DC 3k SC 1.5k
    Oak Log: DC 5k SC 3k
    Jungle Log: DC 5k SC 2.5k
    Acacia Log DC 13k SC 6.5k
    Birch Log: DC 5k SC 2.5k
    Dark Oak Log: DC 6k SC 2.5k
    Pine Log: DC 6k SC 3k
    Netherrack: DC 1k SC 500r
    Sand: DC 3k SC 1.5k
    Sandstone: DC 5.9k SC 2.45k
    Wool : DC 6k SC 4k
    Coloured Wool : DC 6.5k SC 4.5k

    How to Place an Order.
    An order can be placed by taking these few simple steps.

    What Item you are Ordering:
    How much of that Item:
    The Overall Price:

    Pick-up Point.
    The pick-up point will be at res 11257 on smp5. Just use the teleport sign to go to Order Collection Room. You pay on arrival to AlarmGoesBeep. If the order is small enough I will mail it to you.

    People Waiting to be served :
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  2. What Item you are Ordering: Oak Logs
    How much of that Item: 5 DCs
    The Overall Price: 19,000r
  3. Ordered Accepted Samsimx.
  4. ALSO, I suggest you change the name, MS Inc.... is not a great name, not sure if you know what MS is.
    What Item you are Ordering: Glass + Stone Brick
    How much of that Item: DC of each
    The Overall Price: 8k
  5. Order Accepted Biscuit, should be with you in a few hours :).
  6. Your Order is ready for pickup :)
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  7. What Item you are Ordering: Cobblestone
    How much of that Item: 10 double chests
    The Overall Price: 17,000 rupees.
  8. Slash because it is Cobblestone I will do it but for future reference please be aware that I only do orders up to 2 DC's.
  9. What item are you ordering: Stone brick
    How much of the item: 5 DC's
    The overall price: 10k
  10. -
    Gadget, I can only do up to 2 DC's.
  11. Ok 2 DC's please being 4k :)
  12. Oh sorry, guess I didn't see that. You can do 2 double chests if you want.
  13. I have your order to pick up now then slash :).
  14. Sandstone
    Single chest
  15. Order Accepted Meerkatman.
  16. paid and picked up
  17. Order is ready for pickup.
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