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  1. I think that there could be a special items that is a map. When you open it, you are faced with a double chest with several books in it all having the server numbers in it. When you shift click a book, you teleport there but the map does not stay with you.

    This can be useful for new players who do not know the command but they do know this special item can switch servers for them.

    What do ya think?
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  2. i think the new plays should just ask what the command is :)
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  3. They already do. This offers another choice of server jumping.
  4. That is one more potential inventory space lost that I could use to hold something vital.
  5. Then don't have it in your inventory.
  6. You said it was an item.
  7. It is. Just like every item, you do not have to have or even own it.
  8. still one used inventory or chest space
  9. If you do not want it using an inventory or chest place, do not equip/get it :D
  10. jk!:D I remember suggesting this before they implemented /tutorial. I like the idea but personally I think they should make the command /tutorial pop up with a GUI with the server numbers in book form.
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  11. I was hoping Chest Signs would work similarly to this when they came out, but if a command is used it is only displayed in Local Chat.
  12. woo, another think got aikar to be behind on =D
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  13. Why not make the GUI appear with the "/server" command excluding the server you are on? Changing to the server you are on crashes your game.
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