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  1. I think it would be a good idea if we possibly get a team-speak for EMC, it would help communicating a lot better and say you wanted to just hang at chat with some friends on the server or get quick support from people you could go on the team-speak and ask for help or just chat with friends. Like also we could have individual smp channels with 4 chat-rooms under them. I have my own TS3 if you want to join it just send me a PM.
  2. We have a voice chat setup that is semi-official, it's in my signature :)
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  3. Eww, Mumble.
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  4. This is awesome, it would be nice to talk to some people you used to chat with! Now let people know!
  5. Well if you want to join mine then send me a pm :p
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  6. What do you mean with joining yours?
  7. Yuck - Mumble has to be the worst out of ventrillo - TS and Mumble.

    You seem to like bad products :)
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  8. If you want to connect to my TS3 server and chat or something
    Hahaha. I would agree but I aint going to insult Maxarias's fiance.
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  9. Is yours hosted from home or from a company?
  10. Company, I use
  11. I use - 7.50 for a 5 slot for 6 months :)
  12. 5 bucks for a month with 32 cleints, not bad for me.
  13. as we've discussed on the other threads, Mumble is free, TeamSpeak is not. Mumble also fits to EMC's style alot more, where as TS and Vent do not.

    Vent and Mumble sound pretty close, but Vent and Mumble are def better than TS for sound quality.

    If you want awesome quality, you chose vent.
    If you want free and integrated permission systems with good quality, you choose Mumble.
    If you want a richer administration interface thats easier to use, you use teamspeak.

    Baseline, Mumble wins for free and easy to get the job done.

    and you12, centering your text makes it really hard to read your post. I keep thinking your blank posting.
  14. Teamspeak is completely free. You only have to pay if your a company making money directly through the Teamspeak server.
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  15. Also, I'd like to add if you went better sound quality. Just bump the Codec up on the server, The best quality one is 4X better then mumbles. (It's set to a low one because of noobs on dialup)
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  16. *Blank Posts*
    TS3 wins cause I say it does
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  18. Nope, EMC is a commercial entity. It is a For Profit LLC.
  19. Then get it hosted, Your exempt from needing a license if you get it hosted.