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  1. Hey all,

    I had a thought recently. I thought it would be good if next to someones name on their forum profile that it would tell us what server they were on or if they weren't on any. That way it would be easier for us to find people.

    Sam :)
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  2. I think that would get pretty bulky. EMC has a clean and simple layout that isn't spammed by very slightly useful tools, and I think it should stay that way.

    If you are interested in seeing if a player is online, search for their name here.
  3. Well, to be fair, our avatar boxes have plenty of room that doesnt fill the sidebar of a post. would be possible to fit there.
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  4. Well thank you. I just thought it would be a useful idea :)
  5. I know we do, and I love that there isn't much there. :) I feel like that space should be saved for possible future titles. Maybe it could be added so that when you click on a person's avatar, it would be displayed to the right of where the supporter text is displayed? To be honest, whenever I go to sites that have status indicators all over the place, I think it looks disgusting.
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  6. What sites are they then? I haven't seen any.
  7. Any site that has them under avatars in specific. A lot of sites have them for people who are on the forums currently, and this would look the same. I don't have any examples on hand, but it is fairly common to find a site that has them. It is messy, and EMC shouldn't be messy.
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  8. That's a great idea I've been wanting that. For example Status: Offline; or Status: Online Connected to Smp_
  9. EWW. If this is added, can it just be added to this area? Then it doesn't intrude.

    If you happen to think "Huh, I wonder if they are on?!?!?!?!?!??!?", then just click their avatar. :)
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  10. Oh :p well I read the original post wrong I thought that he was saying that it would say Status: Offline; or Status: Online Connected to Smp_ on the profile itself, not on the popup
  11. As in jkjkjkjk.jpg
    This but much more organised and in the boxes of course :p
    EDIT: Please acknowledge my amazing photoshopping skills :)
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