/server stage???

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  1. Hey Guys,
    I was just messing around when i typed /server and the first server i saw was stage :O
    i tried to connect but it only timed out :(
    o well just wanted to share :3
  2. Stage is staff and special members only :p
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  3. Its ICC's Playground.
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  4. i know but i just saw it and was curious
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  6. Well TehSpiders isn't part of staff, but he's allowed on stage for whatever reasons. So, "special" members are just members who are probably really really good friends with the staff and highly trusted. There are a few others…I think. At least 2.
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  7. Yea, I think Alex has perms to it (maybe not) and some other people.
    I think 'special' members are that who WERE mods in the past. I think. :3
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  8. I've always wanted to see stage in-game, maybe staff could hold an event letting us go to stage, but we would be in a glass box so we couldn't reak havoc?
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  9. Only Mods and Highly trusted members are allowed on Stage
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  10. Stage isn't that interesting. It's simply a server where the staff build a few things, as well as mess around.
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