Server Specifically For Those Who Have Been on for 110+ Days

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  1. I was thinking, that maybe there should be a server specifically for more experienced players. Im simply tired of all the noob questions and begging and stuffs :p
  2. You can use /chat off. :)

    This will turn your chat off so you can block out anything that you might not want to hear. I'm not so sure I agree with creating yet another full SMP server. With 10 of them, the distrubution of veteran players and new players is quite balanced, and there are usually always people on each server who CAN help the new players (sometimes simply referring them to the guide is all they need. :p) I'm not really sure how to accurately voice why I disagree with this, but I don't. I just don't like the thought of a server that people straight up can't join to do whatever it is they want or need to do, such as ask a staff member for assistance with something.
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  3. Chat off, or support and go to Utopia.
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  4. I don't think that would be such a good idea. The noobs need people to answer their questions. Soon they won't be noobs but only if they can get help. Also, just block the people in chat you don't like.
  5. I personally rather enjoy answering questions, it makes me feel good about myself :p
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  6. That's true Nether Specter :p Ive just heard so many of them my head is about to blow up! But thx for the chat off command. You saved me a trip to the mental hospital.