Server Restarts

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  1. What's the pattern here? Sometimes I see them restart in the middle of the night (where I am) and sometimes it's during the day. It seems random and sometimes it happens multiple times a day.

    Is there any pattern we can predict for?
  2. I believe the server is restarted as and when needed. The main reasons are for bug fixes or to reset certain flags, items... There is no pattern really :p
  3. The server restarts at night are automatic, the ones in the day are to fix bugs and other things of that nature (I believe).
  4. When a restart happens during a busy hour (plenty of people online) then you can be assured of one thing: there was an more or less urgent need for it right then and there. Aikar said it himself a few times that he really tries to do "update implements" (restarting server to get new updates active) only at times where few people are online.

    So if it is done at peek times: there was a need for it.

    Pattern: there are daily restarts. I don't know the time from mind at this time :D I think its around the morning for me (local time) so probably around midnight EMC time.

    The rest: what the guys said above.
  5. as i posted on the broadcast after the reboot, we did not reboot the past 2 nights, testing if we can turn off the auto reboots, and found we cant yet.

    So, the reboot was done before the servers 1) crashed, 2) lagged during the normal friday events

    But ultimately - its whenever I need to :p
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  6. thanks for the info :)