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  1. The links to the servers and server maps seem to be either broken or hijacked. I can't get to any of them. Anyone else trying to use maps and having this same issue?
  2. All maps seem to be working fine :)
  3. just like weeh said woking fine :D
  4. Seems to be working for me as well!
    Here is the link to smp7 livemap
    See if you can get to it. Let us know what happens!
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  5. You probably have adware. Check out your extensions in your internet browser and see if there is anything in there that is malicious.
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  6. Hmm... very weird. Try going ingame and typing /map and clicking the link.
  7. IDK, because it does it not only on my computer but on my phone. I don't have any weird extensions on my Chrome settings, and I've been able to access maps before, so this is a first for me.
  8. And when I type /map in game, it takes me to the same url I listed.
  9. Aarrrrrgggghhh! I just tried Mozilla instead (haven't used that browser in eons), and works fine. So it's Chrome! Nooooooo! Thanks guys for all the input!
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  10. Yuppers, no problem!
    I would recommend utilizing some software to 'clean' up your system.
    Two pieces of software I personally use, is malwarebytes anti malware, and spybot search and destroy.
    Seems between those two, it finds almost all browser hijackers, but be sure to know what you are doing before you attempt to 'clean' up your computer.

    As chrome is doing this, and firefox is not, I would guess either an add-on, or a registry issue.

    However, that being said, I am unsure why your phone would be doing this as well.
    Are you using chrome on your phone as well?
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  11. Does the mobile chrome work the same with extensions though?
  12. I'm using Chrome right now, and everything seems to work fine. Chances are, you picked up adware or a virus somewhere.
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  13. I am indeed using Chrome on my phone. I have no idea, though, if Chrome's extensions are active on my mobile app. My phone is logged in to my Google email, but I wouldn't have thought that was the same as logging in to Chrome in general, since there is the difference even on the PC. the way, Google Chrome is no longer malfunctioning on my computer. I did nothing to rectify it, so I truly have no idea.
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  14. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  15. Whenever you click a link it creates a sublink using the virus software. Its basically a jerk way to get you to buy a product.