server maintenance?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by BlackOutBullets, Dec 13, 2015.

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  1. Does anyone know how long this will last?
  2. We should just remain calm and watch some youtube to pass the time ;)

    As for this thread, dev team can't fix this problem. This is mojang's problem.
  3. Usually when it's down for maintenance without mojang telling us before, something broke... so there is probably no way to tell how long.
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  5. oh ok. Thats why i couldnt get onto any server
  6. i checked on the mojang website and the multiplayer service is down
  7. I think I know who is behind this!
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  8. On mojangs website it says multiplayer service is healthy now
  9. yes, although emc still is down,
  10. No, it's Trump. Only logical exclamation.
  11. so is mojang still down or is emc updating or something?
  12. How can he "Trump" the illuminati?
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  13. haha, I actually had that same picture as my background for my school iPad.
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  14. It's more fun when you realize that Trump is doing all this for Hillary. He has stated that if he doesn't get the Republican Nomination, he will run as an independent. Also, in her last campaign and both of Bills' campaigns he donated to them. End goal is to weaken the vote against her, and make her look like the only sensible vote.
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  15. I like how Trump completely derailed this thread. See, Trump is messing with our minds.
  16. lol, YOU WIN!!!!!
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  17. where did you read the maintenance part?

    I don't know but I doubt its maintenance. Maybe emergency maintenance but then I'd expect stuff to be posted here. I can't help think there's more going on here.
  18. We may need a server reboot. Other servers are back up now, so maybe is a auth issue.
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