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  1. Why has the list of servers on the server page been flipped, so smp1 is at bottom, and smp9 at top? It bothers my methodical mind... Do I have to rotate my screen 180 degrees now?
  2. I noticed this also but I didn't think it was a big enough change to make a thread about it.
  3. Good question :) The reason I did this was that I saw a trend that everyone new to EMC was going to servers on the top of list (mostly smp1) by default, because it is the first you see. Flipping them keeps the top fresh for new players. I agree though it is hard to get used to ;)
  4. Ah, that's very good! ^^
  5. It isnt hard when you play on smp8 all the time XD :p
  6. come to 3153 and i'll give you cookies and milk :D
  7. been there helped my self thx ^^
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  8. I thought that might have been the case. I kinda don't like it a bit cause then I have to move my cursor down a bit and im not used to it being down there (not a major thing) and I kinda like it in way.

    Cause of the fact that the past few weeks before it was flipped I kept seeing "*********** has joined the empire" like every 15 minutes to an hour and I was like.. great.. more people who probably haven't read the guide and are almost certainly going to ask stuff like "where do I find an open res?" "how do I claim a res?" "how do I teleport to someone's res?" "how do I get ******* or ********" "how do I get to wild?" "how do you craft ****** or *******" "I NEED HELP!!!" "I don't know how to ******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "I need a job!!!!!!!!!!!" "Is there an Admin on?" "Who are the Admins?" "Why are some players colored differently?" "can you get hurt in town?" "How do I get to the shop?" "how do I access live map?" "how do I see how much money I have?" "How do I get a daily money?" "how do I make a shop?" "how do I see how long a player has been on?" "how do I access flags on my res?" "(repeat's one or a few of the previously stated statements a couple times at least)".

    And when I was in town when some of those people joined for the first time.. I almost always heard at least a few of those questions and the first thing I thought (which I usually do when I hear questions like that even from members who are sometimes supporters) is well you obviously didn't look at or read or just skimmed the empire guide. and 2. Why are you joining server 1? I thought new players were told they should join "insert new server number(s) here:" when they first go to the site?