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  1. Hey guys,

    We're aware of the current connection issue with the servers saying you're not a member. Justin is working on it as we speak. Thank you for your patience!
  2. Ok thanks, hope it gets fixed soon!
  3. yay hope its fixed for good this time
  4. When I first tried.
    "Oh ok close... and... restart..."
  5. I assume it's the same problem as last time? I'm still connected along with 6 others on smp1 just like during the previous problem. It's really strange that some people aren't getting disconnected...
  6. YAY can't wait hurry up justin!!! I freaked out when it first said that XD
  7. why cant this happen when Im NOT online... grrrr
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  8. Don't you find it funny when I don't log on the next day something in EMC goes bad?

    Lol! I'm EMC's lucky charm.
  9. Since we have a bit of bad news while we wait for our host to get back to us again...I'll bring some joy to this thread. Assuming everything goes good (Knocks on wood) and proper, we SHOULD have an updated craftbukkit that will have the MOB ISSUE FIXED, by tomorrow. :)
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  10. I believe the problem is with the logging-in system.

    Therefore, if you are already connected, you're fine (unless they reboot the server).

    It's when you disconnect and try to log in - e.g. switching servers - that you see the problem.
  11. *spams like button*
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  12. I had a lag spike and fell into a pit of lava in the Nether then the server shut down and hasn't worked since. I got logged off before I died but I'm still mad because i'm going to loose all my stuff!!! :( Plus I just found a untouched blaze spawner and didn't have time to write down the cords for it. I'm so mad!
  13. *screams with joy*
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  14. I Dont Know How You All Cant Get On, Me and 4 Other People Are On
  15. what in the name of holy ghasts does that have to do with the topic?:confused:
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  16. well ya know what i think ICC and justin must be the best people in this space-time continuim cause seriously they spend hours trying to help us and they always fix the problem. ALWAYS! you guys habe my full respect.
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  17. I was already connected when everyone else started getting disconnected, they didn't leave voluntarily, but I was never kicked(along with a few others). I'm just curious as to why I was one of the ones not kicked.
    On another note, the chat is extremely peaceful right now :p