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  1. I'm starting a little private server for my YouTube channel, and I need some help. I've changed my IP to Static, and can connect to the server through Localhost, but when I enter the IP into YouGetSymbol, it says the port is closed. Can anyone help? I'll give any more info if you need it, but this is all I could figure out right now.
  2. I'm having the same problem.
  3. If the server is fixed, can I join?
  4. Actually, I have egg on my face, turns out I used the wrong program. I made my IP static, I didn't forward the port. Wow...
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  5. Got it! Much easier then I previously thought.
  6. So can I join your server?
  7. I sent you the IP, but I'm working the bugs out still.
  8. Bumparoo, if anyone wants to try to join the server, I'd appreciate any assistance and feedback. I'll just PM you the IP.
  9. lol. I have my server port forwarded, all my friends from school play on it :)
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  10. Do you want to see if you can get on? I can connect through localhost, but when I connect through the Multiplayer Menu, I fall into the void. By the way, the server name is Toaster Bot Private, but I haven't implemented a whitelist yet.
  11. go to "" and that tells you the IP you give out to others to get on your server :)
  12. I have the IP already, I can give it to you in a PM.
  13. I'm intrested! I even have a dedicated server :p but I want to see your as well!
  14. Remember that, while you should be able to connect, the server was literally made 2 hours ago. Please report any problems here, I will still be on EMC, as honestly, this is for my YouTube I'm making.
  15. Send meh the ip
  16. I'm actually making this a creative server, because they're in short supply. I'm going to make this server so that to join, you have to be a member of EMC. This is just because I want to keep the server small, and I want people I trust on this server. I'm still trying to work out the plug-ins though, so if I gave you the IP, please refrain from joining.
  17. Can you send me the IP?
  18. Not yet, I haven't finished configuration. Sorry.
  19. That'll be awesome!!
    Will there be residence like areas?
  20. when you get the config set up would u be so kind to send me a pm im interested in creative servers