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  1. Which werver has the best economy?
  2. Any server that aikar doesn't play on.
  3. It's basically all the same... Therefore, they are all equal. Smp4 sells things very cheap though.
  4. Use all servers, and compare prices for sell and buy smp 6 13131 and 12162 are the main shops/malls
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  5. They both have the perfect prices and the perfect stock IMO. The price isn't high enough to turn you off and make you not want to buy the items yet not low enough that they are out of stock.
  6. Agreed.
  7. Okay thanks you guys. i'm going to be having some friends join EMC soon so i just wanted to know whats up!
  8. However, smp2 if you're looking for variety :)
  9. Or SMP5 if you want to help a fairly quiet server. I don't know what's happened to five. Not many folk on at peak times these days.

    Plus, at 10199 on SMP5, they're buying in lots of stock, so some good money to be made selling to them!
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  10. SMP2 has every type of shop, en mass.
  11. Smp2 has minimoose
    Nuff said
  12. They're all equal although SMP7 has no mega mall.

    Edit: Late as usual.
  13. SMP2/SMP1 seems to have the most shops, so if one shop is out of stock, there's bound to be one in stock for a similar price.
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  14. SMP2 is the most economaniacal. ;)
    SMP4-6 seem to have the best prices, generally speaking (though there are exceptions).
    SMP8 is kind of a no-mans-land.
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  15. smp1: Used to have lots of mega-malls, but tons of them closed down, and the ones left are pretty expensive, so not smp1.
  16. Being an smp8 native I would like to think we have good price's but in reality we barely have any shops to mention, which is why I just go to Alexchance's on smp2
  17. Yeah sadly. But we do have a few shops like zekeo10o and Pab1os' shop. I can't remember any others right offhand. Most of the time I've seen people ask if anyone has an item and then they just do a face to face transaction.
  18. Smp1 used to have alot of good mega malls, but then they all closed down and the ones left are pretty expensive. The shops are usually poorly stocked, too.

    Smp2 has alot of mega malls and variety. I can't say much more than that. I haven't been in the town since September 2012 because I ventured into the wild to join Wild Reach.

    Smp3, when I joined EMC, had a great economy. It had mega malls and well-stocked shops...then people started leaving and the popularity of EMC downgraded alot, so the mega mall owners moved to more populated servers and the shops closed down. Now very few people play there and they are usually desperate for rupees.

    Don't know anything about others, but from the sound of things smp5 and 6 are good places.

    And remember, a good economy can be based around different things. They may be judged on these factors:
    Buying/selling price
    The richness of other players
    The amount of goods and shops.
    The stock of shops.

    It could be all of them or some of them. It might even be only one. It depends on what the player is looking for, really :)
  19. 14141... SkyDragonv8, RESTOCK!
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