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  1. I want to move to another server within the empire but I want to keep my res exactly as it is. Is there a way I can just move it to another server? Thanks!
  2. Nope. Can't move your res to another server. You can take all your stuff move it to another server and then unclaim the one res then claim a new one on the other server and rebuild everything from the ground up. But no you cannot MC edit your res and move it to another server.

    Well technically you can if you download the area around your res with a program and then make your own server and use MC edit and paste your res on your own server on a different seed/world. But thats about the most you can do unless you have a friend who has a server who would let you put your res on his server. Either way you can't do it here.
  3. Nope, unfortunately not. When I saw this posted, I thought britbrit had posted this though, you have a very similar profile pic XD
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  4. If you want a replica, and have time - I'd recommend downloading schematica ... then selecting the range of your residence .... saving a copy of it ... and tear down your residence - then the supplies you obtain - load up the schematica file which shows a ghost image of the area .... and you can place the blocks/items in the ghost blocks/items until it looks exact
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  5. I gotta change it now! Dang You
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  6. Ironically, what you changed it to is a skin Cube151 tried on tonight XD. What is that skin a reference to?
  7. RAWR i cant win! xD its from a cartoon called Invader Zim im his robot that dresses in a puppy costume named Gir xD
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  8. so i want to use schematica but im having an issue installing it. i think im using :/
  9. Download magic launcher, makes installing mods 10 times easier. I believe there are instrunctions for Magic Launcher users on the Schematica page.