seriously, momentus? seriously?

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  1. so there i was, about to do some farming for mining provisions...

    do you MIND, momentus?
  2. If its near spawn i will come kill it :D
  3. is that a older pic, or that really wierd that he doesn't have his helmet on
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  4. :p I'm still surprised I haven't found one in my witch farm. And if he does spawn there.. best defense possible :D
  5. Hey, he just wants to help plant some carrots and potatoes.
    (that or they wish to reach in and snack on some bacon wrapped chicken strips)
    Who brought the ranch?
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  6. Some times they dont spawn with helmets
  7. it was today and the first time i've managed to kill one because i hid in the trees and he couldn't get to me, but all my blows were connecting! dashed near got carpel tunnel with my unenchanted sword, though!
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  8. I faced momentus near a place where I blew up from a creeper and it wasn't there when I died. All I wanted to do was grab my stuff and leave but no I had to die while killing momentus.
  9. oh noes! i had that the first time i saw him! i'd been away from the server since pre-momentus, wandered up... hit him...

    and then spent twelve minutes running in, collecting my stuff, dying... running in, collecting my stuff... etc repeat at infinitum...
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  10. If you're on difficulty 6 or lower minibosses like Momentus' don't auto-attack. So only if you engage will you die or will it be dangerous :p
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  11. yeah... i learned that after the first time...

    a sensible person would have looked it up...

    i ran up and slapped him like babyface in bugsy malone...
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  12. Ha, ha, brilliant. Well, I guess its official: Momentus gets drawn in by farms. I'll bet that's what lured him to SMP9 a few times as well; the underground farm we build there. What a sneak ;)
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