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  1. Whoever on SMP8 took my Ender Chest, hope you had Silk Touch for it. :p Jerk move, but I can kinda understand it.

    But did you really have to take my trash can as well? It was Lava and some Iron Fence. Were you REALLY that desperate for materials? I'd have gladly made you one if you really needed it. ;)
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  2. Where this happen in the wild or on your res because if happen in town it's your fault for giving flags to other members now someone might be friendly to you then when log off turn and take stuff from your res . if happen in the wild that's a different case.
  3. It was in the wild. I left the stuff out there figuring others could benefit from having access to an ender chest to put valuables in. There's a stack of Furnaces for smelting, the Trash Can to get rid of unwanted items, Crafting table to rebuild gear and a Nether Portal for ease of access (Hell, I even built a path back to Nether Spawn to make getting back and forth from Town easier).... Now I'm just going to have to be a sneakier person and hide things better.
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  5. Following the link Pab10S just put up. You or we all should know that living in the wild is risky your house/projects might get griefed and only thing you can do is catch the person in the act. If you don't want locked your chest best idea is hide them little ways from base a set a waypoint or a land mark that you will remember. This kinda of happens a lot at LLO and all we do is rebuild the damage and keep are eye out on any non-members coming towards LLO.
  6. I've messaged evil and we have worked out who's done it (They've stood within 2 blocks of the chest) However it's not enough evidence to report them just using the EMC investigator so we'll leave it here.
  7. Last I checked you can't lock Ender Chests, can you? I do have a locked double chest out there for on-site storage and it's of course unharmed... but I didn't think you could protect Ender Chests at all since they're a different entity for each person accessing it.
  8. You can't lock them I don't believe.
  9. time to make use of silk touch picks and hidden Ninja Chests. ;)
  10. with a enderchest wouldnt the silktouch show up in another..
  11. Use the EMC Investigator and enter the cords and see who did it!
  12. Not sure what you're meaning here.... I was talking about using a Silk Touch pick to mine up the environment so I could bury the chest without it being obvious that it was there, then use a little Redstone Magic to reveal the chest when I want to use it....
  13. Ohh i get ya now
  14. You should use that new thing, the EMC Investigator. I hope it helps you ;)