[Series] Let's Play EMC with ShadowKman

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  1. Today I have uploaded the first episode of my first LP, on EMC! I would appreciate if you could watch, leave a like, comment suggestions, and subscribe for more!

    Let's Play EMC: The Beginning... (Ep. 1)

    Suggestions for what to do in videos are greatly appreciated, as well as how to improve!
    I will post more episodes in this thread as well!
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  2. Suggestions for buildings and video quality improvement appreciated!
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  4. If I can improve on quality, please do make suggestions with that.
    This series is not about the Empire as a whole, it is about what goes on in my "Empire".
  5. A new episode coming tomorrow (hopefully). Let's just say it gets a little prickly.
  6. I do not watch many of these, and I hate to give feedback as hit might hurt the players feelings. I am not Minecrafters playing servers but here is my thought.

    Your voice is a little bit low for me (May be my headset, I do not know)
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  7. is episode 2 out yet?
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  8. Episode 2 is (finally) out!

    Let's Play EMC: Prickly Farm Building (Ep. 2)

    Constructive criticism and feedback of all types are appreciated! I'm having fun doing this, I just need support and help. :)
  9. Hit me with whatever you got, as long as its constructive criticism. All I need right now is support and ways to improve.
    Also, bump for episode 2!
  10. Cool series Kman :)

    I like the videos so far, and will be sure to check out future ones!
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  11. I just watched both videos. Very nice. Are you going to make any more? Maybe showcase a Town hall?? ;)
  12. Nice video's kman. Try spreading the word more by bumping this more. ;)
  13. You should do an episode at my res, play me at spleef and pig racing, might make a good video :p
  14. Agreed ;)