September 11th, 2001

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  1. I would like to start this off saying, I am very sorry for your loss if you lost someone you know/love on this terrible day in history.

    This thread will be a rant about 9/11 and how people react to it.

    For some background information that Erektus summed up pretty nicely, visit

    So here it goes:
    As someone who lives fairly close to where the Twin Towers stood, this event is personal and effects myself and others in my area on a personal level. Many, many people went to work that day, and they had no idea that they would not return home to their families that night.
    As my teacher was talking in class today, the topic turned to September 11th, since it is only two days until the anniversary. He said it was his second day of teaching, and that the second that they heard about what happened at the Trade Center, the principal said something along the lines of, "There has been an attack on the World Trade Center. If you need to, there are counselors in the guidance office at this time."
    This message (or something of the kind) was most likely heard in many schools in the surrounding area.
    That day, a couple of students lost their parents in the WTC.

    So here is my rant part of this.
    I hate it when some on the decided to turn this into a meme-type thing. What they may not get, is that it affected hundreds of families that day, and that thousands lost their lives.
    So it makes me really mad when some person starts saying "jet fuel can't melt steel beams (it is true, but still kinda annoys me)", or "Bush did 9/11." EDIT: I get where you guys are coming from now asthe government most of the time, as I have been reading with other disasters around the country, have more information than what they decide to put out there.
    As Gawadrolt posted in Erektus' thread, there are soldiers who will not return the same because of what terrorists did that day.
    And you know what people go and do then?
    Turn it into a joke. Turn many's worst day of their lives into a joke, like it is no big deal.
    EDIT: While not everyone (most of the people) do believe the government is holding on to more information, there are people who still joke about it.

    Feel free to discuss what you want in the below areas, but if you say something like "Bush did 9/11" or something along those lines, I will respectfully ask that you remove it, or I will have it removed.

    It isn't right to turn a lot of people's worst nightmare, that became a reality, into a joke.

    Any comments in the matter can be directed below.
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  2. Luckily the guy who started this they later found him hiding in a hole literally.
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  3. "9/11 - Never Forget."
    That's what we're told. It's been fourteen years since the attacks that destroyed a national landmark, severely damaged another, and cost thousands of people their lives. Fourteen years since the events that sparked a "War on Terror" that we're still feeling the repercussions of today. Our nation's collective psyche was indelibly scarred by the events that day, and nearly a decade and a half later, we still have yet to fully recover.

    But what is it we're truly meant to remember? Some insist on holding up the day up as a battle standard, a reminder of the pain and suffering that occurred. Towers destroyed, planes crashed, lives lost, and all the conflict that's followed us to the present. Should we hang our heads in mourning, fists clenched as we recall the shock and misery of that day?

    My answer is an adamant no.

    If we must hold true to the slogan of September 11th, and "never forget" that day, then let us remember how a nation came together, to comfort and aid each other in a time of need. Let us remember how ordinary men and women rose to the occasion even as the world fell to pieces around them. Let us remember the good that was done that day, even in the shadow of evil. And if you must cling to the ideals of 9/11 as a call to action, let it be a reminder of the need for vigilance, not a reminder of hate and loss.


    People cope with pain in different ways. Some cry and get it all out of their system, some put up walls and become like stone, and some laugh. I'm one of those last - the world is insane, and to my mind, if you can't laugh at it, you'll go mad too.

    I'm not saying there aren't people who are just flat-out disrespectful - and keep in mind, there are now teenagers who weren't even born when those towers fell. There's an entire generation growing up in the shadow of that day, living with the aftermath without truly understanding what happened or why. A video of the news will never compare to waking up one morning and seeing it on the television live.

    But I want you to know, it's okay to laugh. It's okay to let go of the pain. Sometimes, even as horrible as life is, it can still be funny. I think Azura said it best:
  4. I don't for a second believe the redacted and redacted and completely self interested investigation into it. Jet fuel CANT melt steel beams and that is not a joke. You can fly a plane into any building similar to those towers and it wont come down. There were explosives of some sort in that building if a plane even flew into it at all. We were told that a man leading the Afghanistan country(through a sort of mafia rule) somehow gave a care in the world about bringing the largest empire in the world down on himself? That just doesn't make sense. And how in any way that ended up translating into: lets go invade Iraq which had absolutely nothing to do with it is beyond me... oh wait no it isn't. Oil, heroin, money. People died that day over greed and I don't for a second believe that Bush or some guys on the other side of the world that already had their hands full with other affairs had anything to do with it.

    Millions! Of ppeople lost their life over this, not just the 3-4 thousand that were directly effected. The US and western military forces went on to kill millions in Iraq, Afghanistan Pakistan, Syria , Libya and the list continues as we continue our "war on terror" while going around killing a bunch of people that had nothing to do with 9/11 then somehow trying to use it as justification. This didn't effect just the US so when people say "I'm not from the US" YEAH but your country is sending your brothers and sisters to die in some foreign country while invading and pillaging. This effects the whole world and it was definitely a sad day in history for humanity, not just new York, the US or the families of those that died in that horrific event.
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  5. 'Jet fuel can't melt steel beams' is actually true though. Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to reach steels melting point :p
    It's only a meme because some people were sick of the American government blocking the truth, whatever that may be.

    I'm by no means trying to hate on this thread, as that would be terrible of me to do so on a remembrance thread. I myself will be dedicating some of my time towards this event on the 11th, such a terrible thing that happened :(
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  6. That was beautiful. Very well said.
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  7. It literally can't melt steel beams. People only say that 'Bush did 9/11' because the American Government is hiding something about the attack, and the US and the UK exploited the whole ordeal to launch an unsupported and illegal invasion of Iraq and went to war in Afghanistan and killed millions, and ended up causing the European Refugee Crisis and ISIS filling the power vacuum. People want true justice for the 2,000+ people who died that day.

    Anyway, I'm not here to blabber on about the science behind people saying jet fuel can't melt steel beams.

    I also feel like the event shouldn't get as much attention as it does. Yes, it was a sad day, but its been proven time and time again you fight terrorism by not giving it the attention it wants. Or something. I can't say this stuff without making people mad.

    I'll be off now before I offend someone or something.
  8. I think you should be very careful before you put a label on people who place some very big questions marks behind these events. Because they're not all clueless ranters, at least I'd like to think I'm not. And I also have some major issues with the aftermath of 9/11. I'm not someone out claiming that Bush did 9/11 but I am convinced that the Bush administration knew a lot more than we've been told. And I also don't like the fact that up to this day many things remain hidden.

    Some things are plain out facts. Like the BBC reporting about the fall of the 7th tower before it had actually collapsed. When you look at the footage (it's still available on youtube) you will even see the tower still standing in the background while the reporter shares her story.

    Another problem is the object which hit the Pentagon. I don't question that something hit it, but I do think it's peculiar that the US government moves heaven and earth to prevent the people from finding out for sure what it actually was. All recordings of the incident have been confiscated and when the people started to request footage under the freedom of information (I'm not exactly familiar with the correct term, but under US law people can ask for information from the government) the government denied it. So the people went to court, and the judge ruled against the government; the people had the right to access this footage. After which the government finally released a useless 5 frames footage of the incident.

    People have questions because of the impact this disaster had. And when a government then refuses to address those questions and concerns then people will start looking for themselves. And that can have weird results.

    Keep in mind that the media doesn't always bring you the right story. Remember the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait? The Iraqi were the bad guys there, right?Another issue of history which no one cares about; there is a whole story behind all that and although the Iraqi were in the wrong to start an invasion there was more going on here. But all the media cared for was simple: good guys vs. bad guys.

    And that same thing applies to 9/11 in my opinion. Good guys vs. bad guys, so there's no way the good guys can do anything wrong. However... history usually tells us otherwise.

    I am convinced that when the hidden details about 9/11 eventually comes out (such details usually get placed on page 15 in the newspaper) then the people who do look into it will consider it shocking and bizarre. Only problem then is that it will have happened way too long ago for anyone to really care. Nor does it make any difference any more what you think.

    If you don't know what I mean: try looking up some facts behind the cold war. The Cuban crisis for example. The "Soviet threat"and how it got handled. How American citizens were ruined and completely destroyed just because the government -suspected- that they had communist ideals. And if you thought the Russians could have a point in those days then you were obviously not a Patriot and you deserved no less than getting shamed on public television, getting fired and out of an income and all that.

    People now joke about the former Stasi in Eastern Germany who kept eyes out on everyone. But fact of the matter is that the US wasn't all that different in the 50's / 60's, especially if they suspected that you might be a communist. Who cares about that pesky first amendment, this was all about the greater good.

    This isn't US bashing nor is this a rant of some sort. This is just me stating some facts from the past. A past most people don't care for anymore because "it happened so long ago".

    But watch yourself, because history has this nasty habit to often repeat itself.

    Don't believe me?

    Back then people who were suspected of communist ideas were the utter bad guys, when it comes to 9/11 people who question some of the aftermath suddenly get labelled as nutjobs or bad guys (or worse). I see clear parallels here.
  9. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was around 14 back then and I loved adventure. I lived near a England army base because my father worked their. Back then to watch TV was a big thing because not a lot of people had TV in England. Sometimes we were watching Soccer with all the neighbors and had a grill party. And that day we were watching Soccer when a emergency news message came. The news people were all in shock and at the background we heard a women cry in the news. When we saw the terrible explosion and the videos about died bodies and other irritating things. I started to cry. Who would do that I asked to myself. I was so shocked and all the other neighbors that when the Emergancy News Show stopped we all went home. At the start I thought only one was building was bombed but later that day the second one was bombed and then I saw photos from a person jumping down the whole building when it was burning. I started crying and without further due I started to get sick and throw-up. The rest is part of history hope that you like my story.
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