Separate Forum for Auctions?

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  1. So the Marketplace forum was a great idea; it was intended to replace the one-post list of shops that was difficult to navigate through. Thus, one might assume the Marketplace forum would be a list of shops. And if you look at the last 5-6 pages of that forum, you'll find almost exactly that.

    The first 10 pages of the forum, especially the most recent few pages, however, are almost entirely made up of auctions. This makes it a less-than-useful place to go for advertising (or finding) shops.

    Can I recommend a separate Auctions forum to keep these two things apart? Because right now the Marketplace forum isn't being used for its intended purpose.
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  2. Yeah, that seems like a good idea.

    This may well be done in the future. :)

    As for finding what you're looking for easily, I use the 'advanced search' and input the name of the item I'm looking for, selecting only the Community Marketplace forum to be searched. That turns up any post with the name of the item I'm looking for in the text, thus sorting the list to nearly all relevant shop listings. :)
  3. Wrong location or not, I think this is a great idea. As a new player, I don't have enough rupees yet to even consider buying the awesomely enchanted items, but I do spend a lot of time browsing the marketplace thread, mostly looking for things to help build capital, and not having anything specific in mind. Having a separate area for auctions would be wonderful.
  4. Agree with the title. It's a pity that people seem intent on auctioning any old enchanted nonsense as well as this only exacerbates the problem.
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  5. I think it;d be good if there was a separate recent threads list for auctions, because its seems that whenever im on it sfull of auctions and i then have to go into teh forums page to find other recent things.
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  6. What would be even better, but no doubt a complete pain in the backside, is some form of site interface where you could post up what you've got and have it tick down with people making bids. A baby E-Bay. So an EMC-Bay.

    Arf. :D
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  7. Yeah that would be cool :L
  8. To be fair, I didn't exactly make it easy to search for my thread, and it's kind of hard to search for a phrase or idea without getting flooded with unrelated matches. Thanks for reading it, though! n.n
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  9. Justin mentioned to me a while ago that he's going to look into all of this. A possible separate forum for auctions and a separate "recent topic list" for shops (and maybe auctions now too?)
  10. i actually typed "seperate forums for auctions" in the search bar, your post and this thread were the only results =).
  11. Oh, I stand corrected. Carry on, good sir.
  12. I agree with all of this and we will be addressing the issue of the flooded marketplace forums :)
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