From my lips to the Emperor's ear. (Suggestion Thread)

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  1. The following text is filled with personal suggestions that I feel will improve either the quality or functionality of the server and or forums. As you will notice, my suggestions have been broken into two separate categories (Website/Forums and In-game/Client) for the sake of organization. If I feel that a suggestion needs more clarification, it will be marked with an asterisk (*) and explained later in the post. Feel free to comment and debate the contents of this thread, but please don't spam or get off-topic.

    1. Separate sub-board for suggestions and ideas.
    2. Separate sub-boards for shop, auction, and buying/selling threads.
    3. Separate sub-boards for clan/guild/group advertisement and or recruitment.
    4. Add daily log-in equivalent to forums to boost forum use and population.
    1. "Donation box" function added to current shop creating mod.*
    2. In-game clan/guild/group creation and management.
    3. Less restrictive alternative chat channel.**
    *: This feature should work mostly like the "s:free" extension for the current shop mod, but instead of setting a specific resource for the box to collect, it should collect any item in the donator's active item slot on his or her hot-key bar.

    **: For those of us who think that getting a warning for calling something stupid, is stupid. Obviously, this chat would not be for the easily offended or the young ones. Current dubbing "Empire after Dark."

    More may come at a later date.
    Thank you for your time.
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  2. By donation box do you mean to donate items? If so you can make a sign and for the price put :FREE (notice the `:` first). That will make a chest shop that people can give items to for free.

    I agree with the forum updates and we plan on separating up the marketplace section :)
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  3. I know about the :free option, but that only works for a specified material, right? I guess my idea is more along the lines of a one-way drop box where when you click the sign, you drop whatever your active item is into the box.
  4. I like the idea of the donation box...Heh. I like all the ideas though. And RP section in the forums would be nice as well, or a writing/literature area. Also, do we have a suggestion board?
  5. Best way to do donation box is with [access] everyone sign, unfortunately this does leave box open to people who wish to help themselves to contents of chest though
    Any suggestions can be brought up in the 'community discussions' forum where everyone can be free to offer opinions, pros and cons. :)
  6. Tweaked the format a bit and added a new suggestion.
  7. Added Website/Forums No.4 suggestion.