Separate /chat Channels For Non-English Speakers?

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Separate /chat Channels For Non-English Speakers?

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Yes I agree with Tom115xXx's Point. 7 vote(s) 58.3%
No I disagree with Tom115xXx's Point. 5 vote(s) 41.7%
  1. I think there should be separate channels for non-English speakers because earlier today, somebody was speaking Norwegian or some other European language, and he got kicked twice, and was nearly banned. I don't think this is right, because all he did was talk normally, not use caps, did not use excessive punctuation, and didn't spam. This is just not right, he was use speaking his native language! Feel free to suggest or discuss about this topic, people should not be banned for speaking their language! I am going to set up a poll linked to this thread, because I am wondering who and how many people agree/disagree with me.
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  2. but some players wanna talk to his friend norwegian if they want .
    if they are from norway they can decide what they can speak like english, norwegian.
  3. Yes, this is a way to help with this? :)
  4. That pretty smart of you I agree.
    I'm dutch and i sometimes speak dutch to people on smp4
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  5. The problem with this is it would require a mod that understands that language.
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  6. Aah, that is very true, I don't know how to come back to that one :/ Derp
  7. By the way, how do I make the achievement get! Signature things?
  8. We ask you speak english in town chat because we simply cant moderate what you say in other languages... Also, it looks like spam to some people.

    If you want to hold conversations in other languages, just please do it in tell or local..

    Town chat is just not appropriate place, as barely anyone else will be able to understand you and its distracting as it looks like gibberish to everyone.

    If the demand is high for other language channels, Justin would likely do it, but I don't think it really is at the moment...
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  9. I speak French normally. I'm fluent in both English and French so it isn't a big deal, I don't think it is right to get kicked for speaking your language, No where in guide or rules does it say "ENGLISH ONLY"
  10. Actually, it does...

  11. Ok, that is a good point Aikar, just wondering, is that you in the picture? :)
  12. Yes, that is my picture :)
  13. Ok :)
  14. I don't find the whole "English Only" thing fair. I know this is an English server, but what do you expect? Posting ads on other sites is BOUND to get you a TON of new members, as it has. Of course not all of them will be able to speak English. Why should they not be able to enjoy EMC as much as I can just because they can't speak English? I think if them talking in a different language is really that big of a problem, then the /ignore tool is for you.
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  15. This is a very good point, I totally agree with you there :)
  16. and what gain do they get from speaking their language in town chat and noone being able to respond to them?

    If another player on happens to speak your language... send them /tell's. Theres no reason to disrupt chat of a majority of the community.

    Noones saying you cant speak your own language, we just ask you do so in private to not interrupt other chat.
  17. That's easy for you to say that, because you speak English. You don't see the other side of the spectrum. I've been in cases where people have been speaking a different language, and it doesn't effect me. Why? Because English isn't the only language in the world. No one should be forced to speak a language. Basically, on EMC, it's either speak English or don't talk to people. Sure you could /tell people, but sometimes it isn't the same.
  18. Hi just dropped by to say hello
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