Sending items through site

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Would this be a good idea

Yes 2 vote(s) 13.3%
No 13 vote(s) 86.7%
  1. If they update the site to send rupees through it they should also update it to send items trough it.
  2. This is impossible.
  3. I think your right so just forget this thread.
  4. No, it was a good suggestion. Sorry if I was a bit blunt.

    It won't work because there is no way (that I know of) to take items and put them in different locations. You'd have to have some sort of program so people could take items out on areas they have perms to. I'm thinking of MCEdit. If we gave every chest a separate id, it'd cause lag unseen in the Empire before.
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  5. It's possible with rupees because they run out of a database used on the site AND server - which is how you get your rupee log and count while on the forum, and also a bunch of other things. However, items are not stored on this database, and JustinGuy and Aikar would have to program a downloadable file to this which would cause a ton of lag, and if they were to improve that lag it would cost alot of money.
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  6. Them what are our vaults stored in? It'a all essentially just data.
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  7. Vault is stored on the database, but it's less complicated than sending items to players through the site.
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  8. I feel this picture has been turning up again lately... I hope that this doesn't have to get a public vote AGAIN to agree to stop using it...
  9. I will not obey the votes.
  10. *insert bear picture here* You get the idea right?
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  11. Fixed it. Listening to votes?
  12. This sounds more difficult then just buying an item at a shop.