[Sellling] Old Stuff

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  1. Name your price...all are negotiable.
    **PRIVATE MESSAGE me offers please**

    Independence Day Firework x1 (2013)
    Turkey Slicer x2 (2013)
    Cupid's Bow x2 (2013)
    Holiday Pick x2
    Haunted Candy x50
    Labor Bench x4

    Fortune III Book x29

    Maxarian Head x2

    Iron Block x64x25 (25 stacks of blocks)

    That's about it. I guess just let me know or post if you want to buy any of this stuff with prices listed. Don't just ask how much something is...cause I don't know either.

    - BussGIL

    **I reserve the right to not sell items if I do not feel the price is right, accurate, or for any other reason.
  2. Im willing to pay 30k for the iron blocks.

    (tad bit more than 2r an ingot, not sure on current price but I have paid between 2 and 2.5 per lately)
  3. Which kind are the turkey slicers? I'm looking for 1 2013 turkey slicer (not turkey drop, i already have it)
    I'll pay 35k for one.

    Edit: are all your listed items unused?
  4. what would be a good price for the holiday pic
  5. bussgil what would be a good price for a holiday pic?
  6. Can I have the Candy? I'm not sure what it's worth but I can pay 5k for it?
  7. Um i made an offer...

    Edit: i also asked a question...
  8. How do you expect to sell things when you won't reply to your customers' questions and offers?
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  9. he would like us to private msg him... look at the second line of his post
  10. Meh.

    Edit: looks like he answered my question by editing the first post without a note =.=