Selling Zombie grinder!

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  1. Today I will be selling a fully operational zombie grinder. Not a spawner, a WORKING grinder.

    Its not on utopia. Its on one of the smp's

    Price: 4 - 10k would be very awesome.

    I can take pay in diamonsd/diamond blocks. Or in rupees :)

    Bonus: Their are about 5 double chests full with wood mob drops and such, however buys this will be given a FULL tour, for free.


  2. it HAS to be a spawner untouched :/ cant sell grinders
  3. arghh can i just tear down the grinder then?
  4. It can be a grinder I have checked with ICC. But it has to be his not one that he found.
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  5. I can show him then! I'll PM him.
  6. nice job i was wrong XD
  7. haha well whenever i can get ICC to see it, am i allowed to tell the server it is on? WHat server are you REALLY wanting it on?
  8. If its on smp4 I'll buy it for 7k.
  9. You dont have to prove it to him, you have to prove that it is yours to the buyer. post screenshots that show it is yours. an example would be a locked chest.
    Edit: you can also post screenshots proving that no one else uses it because you are the only one who knows about it
  10. Actually nvm. Disregard my post.
  11. I'll buy if it isn't some utopia, smp9 or smp8.
  12. Not to be rude or anything, but the new 1.3 update allows top exp to go to 30 and mining coal and other items will make it 10x faster
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  13. i dont understand...
  14. NUBlackshirts27 was saying that with the new update 1.3 you'll get exp not only killing mobs but mining too!
  15. Ill still grind for teh mob drops
  16. So posts screenshots? Im TOTALLY for sure nobody knows about it except me and gob, because it is OUR grinder. And also theirs a cave spider spawner underneath it.
    I have no clue how to post screen shots... Copy paste?
  17. that's stupid...